Funny meme about when you receive something you ordered from Amazon while drunk.
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I Don't Get It

Funny meme that reads, "Me staring up at the bartender at Applebee's when they cut me off after my tenth $1 margarita" above an image of a naked Baby Yoda
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Funny memes about drinking | liquor be HITTIN and gotta let homies know much they mean ed edd n' eddy | promise won't get drunk and make 'new friends' again later night: 203moskyle person feeding raccoons

27 Boozy Memes For The Party Animals

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Funny video of a clueless girl at a college sporting event

Very Drunk Girl Tries To Explain Sports

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Funny dank meme entitled, 'Girl Biting Lip'

'Girl Biting Lip' Memes Are Our Favorite Flirty Gems

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This Is Actually Weirdly Accurate

Funny meme with Ariana Grande and Kendall and Kylie Jenner about being drunk and having an existential crisis at the same time
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21 Wine Memes & Pics For The Aspiring Wine Mom

21 Wine Memes & Pics For The Aspiring Wine Mom

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Funny meme about mom and aunt getting drunk and sending selfies.
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Funny memes, "That wasn't me, that was patricia" split memes, james mcavoy.

'That Was Patricia' Memes Are For Anyone Who Needs A Scapegoat

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Party Pooper

Funny tweet by a guy who explains that every time he gets drunk he edits the state of Missouri to look bigger on Wikipedia and that someone ratted him out for it
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funny uber stories

23 Ridiculous Things Overheard By Amused Uber Drivers

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mexico drunk cinco de mayo mexican food funny memes tequila margarita holidays alcohol tacos white people - 8276485

13 Cinco De Mayo Memes For Anyone Tryna Get TURNT

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Buyer's Remorse

Caption that reads, "Me, absolutely twisted, coming home with a load full of swords; Me waking up the next day with a room full of swords" above pics of classical paintings where a guy is carrying a bunch of swords next to one where he is waking up with swords hanging on his wall
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Why Am I Like This?

Funny meme about drunk texting.
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Hell Yeah B*tches

Text that reads, "I wanna get WASTED: Wake up early, Anticipate a productive day, Stay hydrated, Take a multivitamin, Exercise, Don't stay up too late
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Umm, There There?

Caption that reads, "When your friend starts drunk crying outta nowhere and you're just like..." above a pic of a little dog looking awkward with a glass of wine
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