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Juicy Local Drama From Small Town Folk That’s Both Amusing And Petty

Living large
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Viral tiktok video has viewers revealing family secrets

Viral TikTok Has Everyone Scandalously Revealing Their Juicy Family Drama

“We could make some serious money if we had a reality TV show about this.”
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Funny texts from wrong numbers, cursed images | there uh pissed @rydotphone random number just texted this Today 6:48 PM Us later | Saturday, April 14, 2018 back hospital because Jake set his butthole on fire again. 14:14 have wrong number, but PLEASE keep updated 14:15 omfg Oops sorry! 14:15 no, come back wanna hear 14:16 everything

Fortuitous And Funny Wrong Number Texts

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Partygoers Left Gobsmacked By Woman’s Dramatic Birthday Entrance

Material girl
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Wedding catastrophe stories from AskReddit.

Scarred Souls Share Their Wildest Wedding Catastrophes

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Machine Gun Kelly Disses Slipknot at Riot Fest, Corey Taylor Claps Back on Twitter

Tussling with UFC champ Conor McGregor at the MTV Video Music Awards apparently wasn't enough drama for Machine Gun Kelly . Hungry for the beef, MGK recently dissed Slipknot at Riot Fest while the two were performing simultaneously on different stages. In the middle of his set, MGK pressed pause on the hip hop to address the crowd, 'Hey, you wanna know what I'm really happy that I'm not doing? Being 50 years old wearing a f-cking weird mask on a f-cking stage talking shit.' Once a wild boy, alw…
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The Saga of Trisha Paytas Quitting Frenemies

Is it really over?
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The Buzz Around The Beekeeping Influencer Beef

Not so wholesome after all?
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Funny tweets about the existence of Apology Dinner, REDDIT, AITA, am i the asshole

'Apology Dinners' Are The Latest Concept To Perplex The Internet

It's all thanks to Reddit.
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Funny Tumblr story about two artists, Anish Kapoor, Chicago, the bean, drama, petty

Tumblr Thread Recalls Hilariously Petty Art World Feud

We love the dumb drama.
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Twitter debates fitness of Kumail Nanjiani, marvel movies, eternals, fitness, physique, accused of using steroids, quarantine, instagram, tweets, chris pratt, racism | Paul Hundred, GED This is going to be a transformative role for you, Kumail ok but no steroids. I want this to be all me We're gonna suck all the fat out of your face, render it into bars of soap, and implant them back into your face to max out your jawline. It'll be all natural. All you | Chris Pratt can bulk up for a marvel

Kumail Nanjiani's Swoleness Inspires Twitter Memes & Debates

He's been diesel since 2019, y'all.
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Funny twitter story about someone who ordered pizza to help his upstairs neighbor catch her boyfriend cheating. | TheeDreadGod @TheeDreadGod delivery driver her Boyfriend be cheating while she at work so placed Story Time: My neighbors Pizza an order so she can come home catch him act RISE EAt NST EVERY BITE SALTH

Twitter Story Details Dude's Plot To Expose Neighbor's Cheating Boyfriend

This one's for the books.
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Tumblr thread explains scandal of Flordelis murder, hitman, cult, evangelism, brazilian politics | this is Flordelis. She's brazilian gospel singer, congresswoman, and as just found out this week, murderer and cult leader. She became relatively famous 90s by creating this image saintly, evangelical woman around her. She had 3 biological children and had adopted 5 teenagers (one them is Anderson do Carmo, who would go on become an evangelical pastor, keep mind Those are her Kids. Why Kids“?

Tumblr Thread Explains Brazilian Political Scandal Involving Evangelist Cults And Murder

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Funny video sketch of a guy voice-acting for an anime TV show

Hilarious Sketch Shows What Anime Voice Acting Must Be Like

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It's True, They're Not

Funny Tumblr post about how theater kids aren't really people
Via Painahimah

Damn that's rough

Funny meme that reads, "Remember, if you feel bad this guy played 'grass' in his school play" above a pic of a kid lying down wearing a green costume
Via sureasyourebornyourenevergoingtoseenounicorn
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