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You know, whenever I start feeling a bit blue, I start breathing again. Double Entendre at it's finest. 

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Existence of 'Poundland' Delights Americans, Inspires Immature Thread of Unintentional Double Entendres

Dollar Tree. Dollar General. Family Dollar. 99 Cents and Up. Discount stores here in the United States are not very inspired in the name department. And they really don't have to be. They serve their purpose: to provide inexpensive necessities to people who really, really need them. Over in the UK, we'd wager people feel similarly about the names of their own bargain businesses. But that's just because across the pond the word “pound” refers to currency instead of, um, doing the nasty. hi twitt…
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Funny Memes, Stupid Memes, Punny Memes, Puns, Double Entendre, Dad Jokes, Dumb Humor | Hey guys do wanna hang out after school? Kid named out: Kid named school: Kid named guys do wanna hang out after school: Kid named guys son bitch, Im Hey. | Hey bro, where can get protein shake around here Dude, there's no whey hell.

30+ Punny Memes Full Of Innuendo

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Religious Mom Gifts Innuendo-Laden Christmas Ornament

It's the thought that counts...
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Funny twitter thread about sex and cooking What’s something you could say both during sex and while cooking | Lina Lundin @slinan 's something could say both during sex and while cooking? | President Warren G. Harding @PopeAwesomeXII Replying slinan This isn't going great, let's just order pizza. 7:24 PM 6/30/20 Twitter Web App

Saucy Thread Of Zingers That Apply Both In The Kitchen & In The Bedroom

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Funny tweets about tweet that said amazon echo frames glasses lets alexa sit on your face, wareable, sexy tweets, sexual tweets, double entendre.

Raunchy-Sounding Tweet About Amazon Frames Unites The Perverts Of Twitter

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Funny banana bunker comments from Groupon.

Groupon's Banana Bunker Comments Are A Goldmine Of Sexy Double Entendres

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Is There an Adult I Should Tell About This?

image pokemon double entendre Is There an Adult I Should Tell About This?
Via svveden

Hairy Legs

hairy Harry Potter literalism homophone harry double meaning puns double entendre bad pun - 6764197632
Via Emotionally-Inspired

It Does Look Pretty Easy to Get to Her End

double entendre double meaning end innuendo maze new outfit - 4699620096
Created by Unknown

Touché, Splendid Accident

came double entendre double meaning Hall of Fame innuendo literalism SOON too - 5382485248
Created by Dopamina815 ( Via Cyanide & Happiness )

Welcome to Television Circa 2013

question innuendo answer gross double entendre advice - 7114657792
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job innuendo double entendre double meaning interview offer - 7113838592
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Well That is Just FILTHY.

gifs false expectations tap double entendre donkey literalism ass - 7078228992
Created by Unknown

Sorin, Lord of Pickup Lines

magic the gathering innuendo tap double entendre double meaning - 7067081216
Created by Unknown

A Very Kirby Valentine

kirby euphemism double entendre video games double meaning Valentines day - 7064307200
Via VG Cats

This Post is Full of SUBtext

innuendo double entendre - 7007217664
Created by Unknown
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