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The Best Animal Memes of the Week (April 7, 2023)

Love this bug
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A compilation of funny memes about animals

Lions And Tigers And Animal Memes, Oh My!

Bears are here too
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Viral TikTok from stuntman tells a story from working on a McDonald's commercial and why marine biologists are so cool

Holy Crap, Marine Biologists Are Total Tough Guys: Viral TikTok Tells Story of Dolphin Attack During a McDonald's Commercial

A stunt double tells the story of how marine biologists can take on a dolphin.
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Sneak: 100

Funny tweet about pretending to be a dolphin trainer on Tinder
Via @NotSpade
Funny dank memes about dolphins returning to Italy | Dolphins have returned Italy Meanwhile Japan Godzilla | Dolphins have returned Italy Meanwhile Chernobyl: half cat walking

Fifteen Snarky Memes About Dolphins Returning To Italy

Shut up, shut up about the dolphins.
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funny and relatable memes and tweets, aaron hernandez twitter meme, meme about dolphin gas tank | tweet by treyvxughn bring yo girl around yo homies and they all become comedians. tweet by PleaseBeGneiss Gas tank dolphins E E E

Thirty-Eight Tweets For Your Procrastination Pleasure

Come and get 'em.
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Doctors Hate Them

Object-label meme where a dolphin that represents "Apples" is swimming toward a scared-looking kid, who represents "Doctors"
Via goofygoofygoofygooberrock
Weird animal facts, fun animal facts.

16 Funky Animal Facts That'll Expand Your Brain

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Would Be Quite The Feat!

A tweet saying, "Jay Cutler passed his physical and is officially a Dolphin." Someone replies, "If football didn't exist, this would be a way cooler tweet"
Via lucidPieDiver


Funny cop meme.
Via tost878

Just Like Flipper

Funny meme that says that dolphins are such elegant creatures, but the image is actually of a dog leaping through the water.
Via Dank Memes Gang

How Dolphins Sleep

dolphins sleep science web comics - 8746667008
Via AlexHoffman

The Dolphin Horde Cruises Through

mindwarp gifs dolphins critters - 8573605888
dolphins Video fox adhd - 74615041

Scientifically Accurate Flipper is Full of Nope

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Dog Takes a Dip With The Dolphins

dogs gifs dolphins critters swimming - 8547312896

Who Wants Healthy Snacks?

dolphins funny snacks pizza - 8334057984
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