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27 Amusing Memes That'll Make You Forget Your Sunday Sorrows

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Stop Saying That

Caption that reads, "When someone says 'Have fun at work'" above a pic of a little dog appearing to make an annoyed face
Via Dragonaria

Much Sour

Caption that reads, "Just watched my dog try to eat a lemon" above a bunch of pics of a cute dog eating a lemon and making funny faces
Via BoomBoomSaloon
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Golden Puppers Do A Swim

Caption that reads, "Bad day? Here's a pool of puppies" above a pic of a bunch of golden retriever puppies swimming in a little backyward pool
Via Darkbutterflies

2 Spoopy For Me

Tweet from We Rate Dogs that reads, "My goodness. Please don't send in ghosts. They are very frightening. We only rate dogs. Thank you...12/10" above a pic of a cute golden retriever puppy wearing a ghost costume
Via anlyin
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Heckin Smol Boi

Pic of big German shepherd meeting a little puppy; German shepherd says, "Explain your smolness" and puppy says, "Am pupper"
Via pla303
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Awkward But Worth It

Tweet that reads, "Can you imagine how awkward it would be if your pet went on your phone and found the thousands of pictures you have of them sleeping"
Via meowmeeowmeoww
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Bamboozled U

Caption that reads, "When you sign on to Amazon and rate all the vacuums as one star" above a pic of a dog sitting at a computer wearing a hacker sweatshirt
Via meowmaid92

PSA To All Puppers

Caption that reads, "The pre-Thanksgiving talk" above a pic of a German shepherd giving his son a pep-talk, saying, "Look, when the family comes over for Thanksgiving, it's literally going to be raining food. People drop things, peas roll off plates, gravy drips, things happen. So stay alert!
Via cutecarcharodon

This Aggression Will Not Stand, Man

Funny meme about corgi
Via dankmemesgang
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