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Woman Details Twitter Dog Saga

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I'm Just Here To Get A Paycheck, Not Socialize

Caption that reads, "That moment you make eye contact with another coworker while walking down the hall" above pics of an awkward dog and polite cat
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*Cue Epic Stare-Off*

Caption that reads, "When you open a snack and your dog thinks they're getting some" above a pic of a dog and a guy looking suspicious
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Caption that reads, "When u see a puppy" above pics of Kermit the Frog screaming"
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Just One Plz

Caption that reads, "Brother may I have one spaghett" below a pic of a little chihuahua staring at a bowl of spaghetti
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I Don't See A Problem Here

Twitter user tweets at Tesco asking why their dog shampoo has turned his dog pink, above a pic of a pink Labrador
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My Biggest Fear As A Kid

Pic of a dog with a sly look on his face with text overlay that reads, "I've eaten your homework and no one will believe one"
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21 Dog Memes To Remind You Just How Derpy Those Big Floofers Are

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Sign that has a pic of a smiling shiba inu with text that reads, "Have you seen him? Now you have :)"
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The Best Boi!

Pic of a suspicious-looking Samoyed with the caption, "Skookum sees what you're up to and is very disappointed" above a pic of him looking happy above a caption that reads, "Just kidding, he loves you and knows that you are trying your best"
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But They're So Hungry

Caption that reads, "When you own dogs and try to eat" above a pic of three cute dogs looking at someone with food
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