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27 Random Memes To Help You Ignore The Real World

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17 Doctors Share The Most WTF Medical Situations They've Seen

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The More You Know

Funny meme about what doctors do.
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Truth Bomb

Meme about doctors handwriting.
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Funny medieval medical memes, medical memes, medieval memes, medieval art, medieval art memes, medieval health care, tapestries.

19 Medieval Medical Memes That'll Make You Appreciate Modern Medicine

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Thanks, Doc!

funny meme about doctors charging you lot of money for nothing.
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Thanks, Doc

Funny meme about doctor fixing someone with photoshop.
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Thanks, Doc

Funny dad joke and doctor meme.
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Funny Team Fortress 2 "I Fear No Man" meme.

Team Fortress 2 Has Inspired A Very Fun Meme About Fear

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Funny random memes.

40+ Time-Wasting Memes For Your Procrastination Pleasure

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The Art of Bribery

funny meme about bribing a doctor to take an easy way out
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Funny meme about being a bad doctor.
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Collection of random memes and funny memes about doctors, apples, dogs, cats, bacon, marriage, relationships, food, drinking, animals, dolphins, dating, science.

Morning Meme Dump: 41 Random Memes To Help Wake You Up

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You Know What They Say

Funny meme about someone who is dying because they ate an apople but the doctor won't talk to them because of the saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away."
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Funny meme about how bad doctor's handwriting is.
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Has to be Malpractice

Doctor is pointing to fake spine to describe the patients injuries, the patient thinnk it is his spine and tells the doctor to put it back. Funny meme regarding the medical profession.
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