Definitely Got Me

Caption that reads, "I'm not dyslexic, you're dyslexic" above a little hospital sign that reads, "Cloth gowns only," but it looks like it reads, "Goth clowns only"
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10 Times Clueless Anti-Vaxxers Got Completely Owned By Logic

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How Will I Eat??

Twee that reads, "Doctor: We're gonna have to amputate above the knee; Me: But I can't survive if I'm just a leg"
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27 Random Memes That Are Pretty Damn On-Point

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Doctors Hate Them

Object-label meme where a dolphin that represents "Apples" is swimming toward a scared-looking kid, who represents "Doctors"
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Sad But Also Kind Of Accurate

Caption that reads, "Doctor: What are you using for birth control? Me: Just who I am as a person" above a stock photo of a woman at a doctor appointment
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This Cursed Meme Is All About The Things We 'Fear'

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27 Random Memes To Help You Ignore The Real World

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17 Doctors Share The Most WTF Medical Situations They've Seen

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The More You Know

Funny meme about what doctors do.
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Truth Bomb

Meme about doctors handwriting.
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19 Medieval Medical Memes That'll Make You Appreciate Modern Medicine

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Thanks, Doc!

funny meme about doctors charging you lot of money for nothing.
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Thanks, Doc

Funny meme about doctor fixing someone with photoshop.
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Thanks, Doc

Funny dad joke and doctor meme.
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Funny Team Fortress 2 "I Fear No Man" meme.

Team Fortress 2 Has Inspired A Very Fun Meme About Fear

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