Funny Twitter thread about how a doctor would deliver a defibrillator to a centaur | tweet by FredWuMD Serious question medtwitter: If show up at code, and patient is centaur who had cardiac arrest, ignoring joules question, where do think defib pads should go assuming heart is human part, or B, assuming heart is horse part?

Doctor Tries To Figure Out Where To Put A Defibrillator On A Centaur

Bet you never considered this, now did you?
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Slow Clap

Funny meme about how doctors have bad handwriting
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stereotypes in movies

'Bad Movie Tropes' Hilariously Poke Fun At Well-Known Stereotypes

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Funny meme that reads, "Doctors have gone on strike but their demands are unclear" above a photo of a doctor at a protest holding up a sign with chicken scratch
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It's Horrifying

Funny meme that reads, 'When you get home from the hospital all recovered and you look at the medical bill" above an illustration of a woman about to throw up
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anti vaxxer jokes and memes such as an anti vax mom asking how to protect her kid from measles

17 Infuriating Anti-Vaxx Memes And Moments Of Sheer Lunacy

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Dank memes about x-rays being safe, doctors, x-ray techs, safety.

'The X-ray Is Safe, Don't Worry' Memes Hilariously Cement Our Mistrust Of Doctors

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Funny medical memes that will help keep the Dr. Apple away. Includes office memes, sex memes, dermatology, freud, therapy, psychology.

17 Medical Memes That'll Give You A Healthy Chuckle

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Medical tweets, sad, emotions.

16 Medical Twitter Stories That'll Take You Straight To Feelsville

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Funny medical memes

24 Medical Memes That Prove Laughter Is The Best Medicine

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A Work Of Art

Stock photo of a doctor telling a patient that he has to draw blood, above the same stock photo of him saying "thanks for waiting" and holding a drawing of a drop of blood
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medical memes funny | Person - Doctor's whole career Apples | Mar 9 at 5.56 PM Please vaccinate children because diseases are coming back and as nursing student DON'T WANNA HAVE LEARN ANYMORE SIGN AND SYMPTOMS, DIAGNOSES OR TREATMENTS. THESE DISEASES WERE BASICALLY ERADICATED AND PEOPLE ARE GIVING MORE HOMEWORK

24 Medical Memes That Prove Laughter Is The Best Medicine

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'Uhh, Yeah...'

Caption that reads, "Doctor: Are you getting enough rest? Me: ..." above a pic of a cat with a weird-looking face
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It Really Is A Mystery

Caption that reads, "Me: Doctor, what can I do to be healthier? Doctor: Well you can eat better, exercise more, consume less alcohol, quit smoking and..." above a still of Frodo Baggins saying, "Alright then, keep your secrets"
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twitter nurse medicine doctors office hospital funny memes medical memes rn medical funny tweets anti vax doctors vaccine surgery healthcare - 7687429

29 Medicinal Memes That Anyone In The Healthcare Profession Will Appreciate

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She Follows These Five Simple Tricks!

Reductress tweet that reads, "Dermatologists hate her! This woman is really mean to dermatologists!" above a stock photo of a woman
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