Funniest Patagonia Memes for Finance Guys and Resident Doctors Who Must Have a Vest for Every Season

Funniest Patagonia Memes for Finance Guys and Resident Doctors Who Must Have a Vest for Every Season

Yup, it's Patagucci
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Doctor Informs Woman She Has Been Sending Loads Of Photos Of Her Private Parts To The Wrong Email Address

Doctor Informs Woman She Has Been Sending Photos Of Her Privates To The Wrong Email Address

A tiny misunderstanding
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Legend Decides to Wear Suit to Autism Diagnosis, Inspires Admiration and Memes

Diagnosed with drip
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Article about insensitive nurse who posts attention-seeking video following passing of her patient

Insensitive Nurse Posts Attention-Seeking Video Grieving Patient

The nurses of TikTok are well known for acting wild. There have been countless controversies about nurses sharing patients' medical information online, not to mention infamous viral videos of nurses gleefully dancing in hospitals. While it has become more common for people in different professions to share various aspects of their jobs on social media, nurses are known for taking this a bit too far and sharing information that crosses ethical boundaries.
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Humorous Healthcare Worker Memes That Know The Struggle

We see you
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Doctor Teaches Patient's Boss a Lesson for Threatening to Fire Sick Employee

A good manager makes employees feel supported, heard, and valued. A good manager knows that an empowered employee will do better work than a disgruntled one. A bad manager doesn't care about any of this. A bad manager will unnecessarily flex their power just because they can, even if it means hurting the business. When u/kathjoy called in terribly sick with the flu, her boss gave her an ultimatum: either come into work, get a doctor's note, or get fired. Nearly passing out from her fever, she s…
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Stinky Feet And Slippery Floors Ruin One Woman’s Impromptu OB-GYN Appointment

People who work in the medical field see all sorts of crazy things on a daily basis. There’s nothing weirder than bodies and how people act about them, but it doesn’t stop a trip to the doctor’s office feeling like an awkward situation. This is doubly true when it comes to an appointment dealing with the body parts you’d be arrested for exposing in public. This can be nerve wracking even when you know what’s coming, let alone if you’re presented with an unexpected checkup with the OB-GYN like R…
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Swiftie Gets Wisdom Teeth Out, Demands Dentist Become A Fan Too

That's dedication.
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A Healthy Crop Of Medical Memes For Doctors And Medicinal Nerds

Stethoscope at the ready.
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This doesn't seem healthy.

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Funny memes about nurses | South Park Nurses on their days off during pandemic memenurseofficial Syrah Merfot Sepzan Hove not having glass wine having six s called tasting and 's classy | Nurses been using same N95s 13 shifts straight. Can order more? This is really unsafe. Hospital CEOS: ED @realtalknursing @refreshmentsandnarcoticsrn HREE HUH HA man in a crown holding money

Fifteen Nurse Memes For The True Heroes

You deserve these memes, and so much more!
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Funny memes about people who work in the healthcare profession | looking at all cool CRRT and ECMO machines take my patient up ICU @codebluememes RATES 25t k Fresh Prince of Bel Air | COVID swab literally every @codebluememes patient

Thirty Healthcare Memes As Our Gift To The Heroes

Healthcare workers, we see you.
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Funny video sketch about people who refuse to wear masks in public

Video Sketch Makes Fun Of People Who Refuse To Wear Masks

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Funny memes about veterinarians and animals | Spongebob CLIENT STARTS APPOINTMENT WITH MY BREEDER TOLD VETERINARYHUMOR IGHT IMMA HEAD OUT | Big fan this picture veterinarian showing cat fat he is.

Fourteen Veterinary Memes For The Heroes Who Care For Our Pets

Thanks you, vets and vet techs alike!
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I'm Doin' It, Doc

Funny meme that reads, "When the doctor says you need to watch your drinking" above a photo of a guy looking at himself drinking in the mirror
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Funny memes about nursing | The Office crying Michael Scott patient genuinely thanks and tells much they appreciate yourregularrn | Patient insists on getting out bed Also patient: glass bones

Eighteen Nurse Memes For The Brave People On The Frontlines

Thank you!
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