Depressing tweets about very expensive medical bills paid in the US

Disheartened Americans Reveal The Astronomical Medical Bills They've Received

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Funny memes about being a nurse

Nurse Memes For The Overworked RNs (16 Memes)

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Not Trying To Get Committed Here

Funny meme about not being completely truthful at the doctor's office about feeling depressed
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Icelandic healthcare

Twitter Thread About Icelandic Healthcare Makes American Healthcare Look Completely Moronic

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Oh God!!

Caption that reads, "*Googles symptoms;* Web MD: You already died; Me: ..." above a pic of a woman looking distressed in a hospital gown
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Live Laugh Love

Tweet that reads, "Me: How bad is it doc; Doctor: She's developed a severe case of decorative house speech disorder; My mom: Life is what happens between coffee and wine; Doctor: I'm so sorry; My mom: Bless the food before us, the family beside us and the love between us"
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Thanks, Doc

Funny meme about exercising away the depression.
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Way Too Poor For That

Caption that reads, "'Do you have health insurance? Me: ..." above pics of Vick's VapoRub, soup and a can of Sprite
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Hell Yeah

Caption that reads, "Him: Will I be able to play guitar when this is healed? Doctor: Yes, of course! Him: LMAO sick! I couldn't play before I broke my arm" above a stock photo of a nurse bandaging up a guy's broken arm
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Finally, Some Good News

Funny meme about heelies implants.
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Seems A Little Fishy

Tweet that reads, "Doctors before an X-ray be like, 'Don't worry this is perfectly safe' and then the dude goes to Egypt to press a button"
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He'll Help You Whether You're A Brother Or Whether You're A Mother

Picture of a sign that reads, "Dr. B. Gee" under the caption, "Presumably good at helping people stay alive"
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stock photo i-dont-get-it weird stock photo wtf jobs computer science doctor programmers Professors scientists career why - 6250757

12 Bizarre Stock Photos That Poorly Illustrate Different Jobs

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If Only Going To The Doctor Was This Lit

shots doctor appointment twitter doctor tequila Memes funny - 9154262784
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Funny meme about dabbing around the room per medical professional's orders.
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Pun of the Day

Funny meme about doctor drawing blood, pun.
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