Finally, Some Good News

Funny meme about heelies implants.
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Seems A Little Fishy

Tweet that reads, "Doctors before an X-ray be like, 'Don't worry this is perfectly safe' and then the dude goes to Egypt to press a button"
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He'll Help You Whether You're A Brother Or Whether You're A Mother

Picture of a sign that reads, "Dr. B. Gee" under the caption, "Presumably good at helping people stay alive"
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If Only Going To The Doctor Was This Lit

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Funny meme about dabbing around the room per medical professional's orders.
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Pun of the Day

Funny meme about doctor drawing blood, pun.
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Well...This Is Me

Funny meme about posing for x-rays at doctor's office.
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doctor dank meme that is lit af
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Get's Em Every Time

doctor tshirts sexy - 8981945344
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How About "Mrs. Dr. Doom"?

web comics feminism doctor How About "Mrs. Dr. Doom"?
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Yes, I'm a Real Doctor, Why do You Ask?

image blood puns Yes, I'm a Real Doctor, Why do You Ask?
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The True Bond Fans out There Will Appreciate This Reference!

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Dude, Just Run the New Heart as an x86 Vm

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No Country For Bald Men

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It's Just a Joke, He'll Shake It off Right?

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