Twitter's Fighting Over Another Food Video Because Everyone's Bored

It feels like every few weeks there's a new heinous food video being torn apart by angry people on social media. Remember February's horrifying nacho disaster? We sure do. At this point it's no secret that the internet loves to pick apart cooking videos. For one, cooking and eating is one of the only things that pretty much everyone is forced to do. You know, to survive. But there's also the whole "white people can't cook" stereotype that seems to come up every time a TikTok user makes something gross. As a white woman, even I am horrified by some of the absolute fails that are inexplicably hailed as "hacks" and food trends. But hasn't this nitpicking gotten a little old? 

You'd think that the internet would be tired of slamming wannabe food-fluencers, but maybe because everyone is so insanely bored, it's all they have left. That's definitely starting to seem like the case on Twitter, where people showed up to share their wholly unoriginal commentary on a video of a woman making some pasta. The dish, which involves an unholy amount of string cheese, is admittedly offensive to anyone who is trypophobic or lactose intolerant. But beyond that? It looks like a special at Olive Garden. And judging by many of the replies, it finally looks like people are starting to see that the outrage might not always be warranted. While we realize that this is still an instance of bored people fighting about food, it definitely looks like we're taking a step in the right direction. Just don't let us see you putting cream in carbonara.

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