Make It Stop

Funny meme that reads, "When the existential memes start getting too relatable" above images of Alex Jones laughing and then crying
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Funny and depressing memes about depression and anxiety, dank memes, sad memes, depression, add memes, mental health, mental illness | Seasonal But Slutty 1984's George W v @EwdatsGROSS Wake up v Hit snooze V Think about quitting my job and moving across country explore nature and live van v Fill void loss existential purpose with coffee an attempt feel something | on verge tears public and doing everything can hold and act like nothing is wrong at same time

Dark & Funny Memes For People Who Are Going Through It

We're here for you.
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Funny memes and tweets about adulting, working, being an adult | brain pressing a button THINGS ARE GOING WELL TOO WELL SELF DESTRUCTION | Stoned Fox in bed alarm goes off and deciding whether go work or fake own death

Thirty-Two Memes About The Pain And Banality Of Adult Life

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Funny memes about depression | child on a bed surrounded by scary Teletubbies whole squad come through loneliness depression anxiety overthinking Bergkamn | shampoo says "Repairs damage" but still broken on inside Tobias Funke crying in the shower

Nineteen Depression Memes For Anyone Goin' Through It

Hang in there.
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Funny memes about depression | Lisa Simpson presentation samflower @milkygoddess me when i sense the tiniest change in someone's energy towards me in conclusion I'm sorry i bothered you with my existence | Me trying to figure out God's plan for me How exciting, another closed door. Arthur

30 Depressing Memes For The Downtrodden

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Funny memes about mental health | people call calm person but are middle an internal existential crisis and only way keeping sanity is pretending don't care | neurotypical yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga

Seventeen Mental Health Memes For Those Struggling In These Uncertain Times

Everything sucks right now.
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Funny memes about existentialism | Grey Plague @Narkissos Stop saying life is joke s not. Jokes have meaning. 12:57 AM 17 Nov 19 Twitter Android Never before have been so offended by something one hundred percent agree with. |  Without objective morality, everything is permissible. nutella spaghetti

Existential Memes For Pessimists Trying To Figure Out The Meaning Of Life

Nothing matters.
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Depressing memes, depression memes, anxiety, funny memes, random memes. | Dr. Phil PM NOT TOP OR BOTTOM DEPRESSED! | Top Conservative Cat @TeaPartyCat BREAKING: Gov. Ron DeSantis announces Florida will begin human sacrifices working poor on Monday, 5/4 hopes will "appease Coronavirus god and bless state with renewed prosperity 6:07 PM 4/29/20 Twitter iPhone

Memes & Posts On The Darker End Of The Spectrum

Lean into your dark side.
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Funny memes, self-deprecating memes, dank memes, dark memes, anxiety memes, depressing memes, dark humor, death | Study: Eating ice cream breakfast may improve mental performance @DismalChips not saying wrong just saying times had ice cream breakfast were not during times my life going well | Follow friends: haha do come up with jokes Psychology Today Thinking about Death and Pain Makes People Funnier Death anxiety may promotes humor creativity RETWEETS LIKES 9,564 9,836 2:55 PM

A Cheery Meme Dump Of Self-Deprecation & Dark Humor

Everything's fine.
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Funny memes about anxiety | FUNCIONARIO CASILLA wVio como biendo DEAD INSIDE BUT STILL HORNY | Wave incredible sadness Literally nothing Me Homer Simpson about to hit Bart

30 Depression Memes For When You Wanna Lean Into The Sad

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Give Me Inspiration

Funny meme about depression and creativity Elena Lifewaster Jr. @elunatyk I want to upgrade my depression to the one that makes you create "Starry Night" and not the one that has you lay in bed and try and eat a bagel without having to use your hands.
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Funny meme about replying to emails with picture of sad crying kid drawing with crayons
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Funny random memes, dank memes, stupid memes, funny memes, dank memes, tweets, dungeons and dragons, dank memes | Would go jail week erase student loans | Kaitlyn McQuin @kaitlynmcquin know who's really gonna suffer during this social distancing? Dudes on dating apps Welcome back courtship, Brad. Welcome back talking gal WEEKS prior meeting pen pals now, my dude bout get Jane Austen up here. Now, write poem.

Just A Bunch Of Memes For The Prevention Of Insanity

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Funny depression memes and comics | TEN YEARS AGO IS |HAPPENING NOW Y BUDDY, WHATS UP @HANNAHHILLAM MENTAL ILLNESS | Try as she may, Chloe could never contour away pain @chaos.reigns dog looking in a mirror

28 Depressing Memes For The Woefully Downtrodden

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Funny  and relatable memes about mental health | l'll stop making jokes about mental illness mental illness stops making joke out me | immediately after disclosing my mental illnesses trauma potential love interest conclusion am fully prepared abandon manicpixiememequeen

Seventeen Mental Health Memes Because The World Is Completely Effed

Everything hurts and I'm dying.
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Now More Than Ever

Funny dank memes, random memes, stupid memes | alex bell tweet netflix are you still watching? me no do you want it on the background anyway to fill the deafening silence of your loneliness yes
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