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Funny meme about how the dopamine tries to get you to have a little fun, brooklyn nine nine, dank memes, depression memes, relatable meme
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Depressing memes and tweets, relatable, depression, anxiety

35 Downer Memes For Anyone Feeling The Ennui

We've all been there.
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Funny random and relatable memes

Achingly Relatable Memes And Tweets

You're not alone.
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funny memes, relatable memes, morbid memes, depression memes, bleak memes, sad memes, depression, mental health memes, dark memes, dark humor

40 Morbid Memes Because Life Can Be A Drag

Laugh into the void
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Funny memes and images, lol, dank memes, random memes, stupid memes, funny memes, depressing memes, relatable memes

44 Memes Filled With Weirdness & Relatability

You deserve a little humor.
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Funny random memes, dank memes, stupid memes, relatable memes, depressing memes | working home Can cover gonna go take nap My dog girlsthinkimfunn me explaining to my dog | Human cuts lawn Grass releases smell save itself Humans: Joke's on l'm into shit Skeletor

A Hodgepodge Of Memes To Protect From Boredom

Boredom begone.
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Funny random memes, dank memes, lol, relatable memes, animals, cat memes, dog memes

43 Memes For A Mindlessly Fun Scroll Session

You deserve a break.
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He's Definitely Staying Out Of This One

Funny meme about Wandavision, online school, fighting with mom, vision, scarlet witch, tired because of using phone and going to school online, depression, depressed
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Cringey posts that were meant to be deep from social media, teenagers, love, depression, heartbreak, sadness | seven years old my teacher told most COlorful insectS were also most venomous ones and ffteen years old looked into blue eyes and realized She had been right all along. | Fake is new real and don't fit THE CLASSY PEOPLE

Exquisitely Cringey Posts That Were Meant To Be Deep

This is so sad.
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Cringey and embarrassing, lol, funny, dank memes | @clease! Did still want come over tonight? So honestly l'm sorry but don't think this is going work Oh Yeah, there's something about just reminds more creature than girl lol Did just call fucking creature | pancakeke Follow kinda sad twitter and fb removed trump video considering 's only way eric trump ever gonna hear his dad say love very special" pancakeke Follow candybaggins Imagine being Eric Trump and hearing dad say not but strangers.

17 Sad Moments Of Pathetic Cringe

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The Struggle Is Real

Funny tweet about panic attacks and anxiety, staying home vs going out into the world | follow me only if you're sad @peedekaf stay home and trigger a depressive episode vs go out and trigger a panic attack
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I'm Cured!

Funny meme about how the depression leaves your body after someone says don't be sad, spider-man 3, tobey maguire
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Funny random memes, dank memes, twisted tea, relatable memes | Parents want grandkids BEST CAN DO IS DOG | looking back at ATM afterwards make sure MF go back home screen

43 Carefully Curated Funny, Depressing & Relatable Memes

It's a hodgepodge alright.
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Funny and depressing memes | man looking at camera in front of a hug mess on a lawn including a passed out person. My therapist after taking one step into my mind IT'S A TERRIBLE SITUATION. Disappointment Island ozeia: im coming home im coming home tell world im coming home.

33 Downer Memes To Counteract All That Annoying Holiday Cheer

Holidays are over, time to be sad again.
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Funny and depressing memes, nihilism, sad memes, pessimistic memes | train on fire  Oh look, here comes July. | wake up do nothing do something feel stupid fail hate yourself cry until sleep doge flowchart

25 Downer Memes For All The Pessimists

Laugh through the pain
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Funny twitter meme about leaving my body, lol, anxiety, adhd, depression, funny, dank memes, self-deprecating, monopoly | CrustaceanAlien @KingCrustacean The ADHD leaving my body when my mom tells me to "Get a planner" | angelina @angnickelodeon the communism leaving my body when i play monopoly

Twitter Gets Sassy & Sarcastic With 'Leaving My Body' Meme

Really can't argue with these.
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