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Depressing Mental Health Memes That Know the Pain of Going Through It

Gritting our teeth
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A Marvelous Menagerie of Funny and Random Memes

Time for a little R&R
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A compilation of memes about depression and mental health.

Depression Memes To Fight The Summertime Sadness

If you logged onto Tumblr for the first time as a tween without knowing what depression was, you certainly weren't going to log off without learning. If you weren't a teenager on Tumblr in the early 2010s, it's difficult even to describe how insane the content was regarding depression and mental health issues. It was a nearly constant conversation, with Tumblr users sharing graphic details of their experiences with self-harm and suicide. Sure, these posts built a community in some aspects, but…
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Sad Memes for Anybody Feeling the Blues

We're in this together
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Relatable memes and tweets about depression and anxiety.

Relatable Memes & Tweets About the Many Face of Depression

God. It has been a year. Or two. Or maybe even three. It feels as though I no longer have a grip on time. Perhaps it's because of the pandemic. Maybe it's because as you get older, time starts to move faster. But it could also be the crippling depression that makes a fog of the days, weeks, months and years. While the sunshine has slowly started to return to New York and peoples moods seem to be improving, I still can't help but feel the weight of the world on my shoulders as I go about my day-…
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20 Comically Cringe Posts That Were Meant To Be Profound

Sprinkled with scrumptious satire
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Sadly Relatable Memes for People On the Brink

We'll get through this together
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Bleak Memes for Lifetime Passengers of the Struggle Bus

Let us out
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A Humble Offering of Mood-Enhancing Memes

Humor helps.
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Funny and relatable memes about depression, anxiety, sadness, wholesome memes

Relatable Memes & Some Positive Things For Anyone Going Through It

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40+ Dark Memes For Pessimistic Jokesters

Laugh through the pain
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Miserably Comforting Memes For When The Seasonal Sadness Hits

Misery loves company
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A Heap Of Random Memes For Time-Killing Needs

Get the chuckles going
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30+ Anxiety Memes For Worriers Who Overthink

It's going to be okay
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Depressing memes and tweets, depression, mental health, lonely

Relatable Memes & Tweets For Troubled Souls

At least we're not alone?
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43 Memes & Tweets For Mood Improvement Purposes

Seize the week, y'all!
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