He Had Us In The First Half

Funny meme from a tiktok about having all your friends sleep over but you don't actually have any friends | just got a 4 person bunk bed meaning could have all of my friends sleep over and there would still be room for
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You people get hugs?

funny meme about how many hugs we need in a day
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Askreddit thread wants people to share their funeral horror stories, death, bad things at funerals, depressing | kellywithayy 11h O 1 Award My Mother Law took photo wine glass during lunch had after, and she posted on Facebook. Guess her caption Life is Grand my mother's funeral.

Heinous & Disrespectful Things That Have Happened At Funerals

People are terrible.
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Make It Stop

Funny meme that reads, "When the existential memes start getting too relatable" above images of Alex Jones laughing and then crying
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Funny memes about depression and mental health | Jim Carrey said depression is avatar telling is tired being character trying play shit is real. | someone's asks if okay" while middle an anxiety attack 4 1999 4 1999

Sixteen Serotonin-Deprived Memes For People Who Should Be In Therapy

You'll probably feel personally attacked at how relatable these memes are.
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Funny memes about depression | child on a bed surrounded by scary Teletubbies whole squad come through loneliness depression anxiety overthinking Bergkamn | shampoo says "Repairs damage" but still broken on inside Tobias Funke crying in the shower

Nineteen Depression Memes For Anyone Goin' Through It

Hang in there.
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Funny twitter thread about emailing with landlords | tweet by calebsaysthings first email landlord hey dave l'm sure busy and hate be bother but noticed third email landlord Mr. Whittington- trust familiar with all local, state, and federal ordinances regarding rights and expectations tenants pursuant.

Twitter Thread About Emailing Landlords Is Both Funny & Depressing

The struggle is real.
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Funny memes about depression | Lisa Simpson presentation samflower @milkygoddess me when i sense the tiniest change in someone's energy towards me in conclusion I'm sorry i bothered you with my existence | Me trying to figure out God's plan for me How exciting, another closed door. Arthur

30 Depressing Memes For The Downtrodden

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Funny and relatable mental health memes | glitched out Homer Simpson after waking up 30 minute nap 8 hours later | Shaggy Scooby Doo can tell mental illness is taking over personality but don't know fix tapiokas dont read like this Photos

Mental Health Memes For Anyone Trying To Cope With All Of This Crap

Can this all be over please
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Super sad memes and comics, soul crushing juice, reddit, family, animals | Peter Parker Spider Man going through my camera roll An old picture her | nurse at long term care facility considered telling children quiet down and go bed. She did not. Considering their charts best let kids be.

17 Soul-Crushing Memes For People Who Like Pain

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Funny memes about mental health | people call calm person but are middle an internal existential crisis and only way keeping sanity is pretending don't care | neurotypical yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga

Seventeen Mental Health Memes For Those Struggling In These Uncertain Times

Everything sucks right now.
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Funny and depressing memes about climate change | Kendall Jenner swimming climemechange New York, New York Trying get my friend's house 2050 like @climemechange | Trust have government's committment solve climate change Wow look! Nothing!

Eighteen Climate Change Memes Chock-Full Of Bleak Humor

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Funny memes about existentialism | Grey Plague @Narkissos Stop saying life is joke s not. Jokes have meaning. 12:57 AM 17 Nov 19 Twitter Android Never before have been so offended by something one hundred percent agree with. |  Without objective morality, everything is permissible. nutella spaghetti

Existential Memes For Pessimists Trying To Figure Out The Meaning Of Life

Nothing matters.
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Not Nearly As Cool

Funny tweet that reads, "'I sold an hour of my life for $13' doesn't sound nearly as good as 'I make $13/hour'" shower thought
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Funny twitter thread about steak-umm twitter account promoting the dispelling of misinformation during the difficult time of coronavirus and covid-19 | Steak Steak-umm umm @steak_umm friendly reminder times uncertainty and misinformation: anecdotes are not data good) data is carefully measured and collected information based on range subject-dependent factors, including, but not limited controlled variables, meta-analysis, and randomization | outliers attempting counter global consensus around

Steak-Umm Serves Up A Surprisingly Insightful Twitter Thread About These Difficult Times

The hero we deserve?
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Funny tweets about how march 2020 has lasted a million years | Frank Pallotta @frankpallotta long has March felt s been 84 years Titanic | Jeff B, fightin COVID one bo EsotericCD Today is last day March sense long this month has been and much has happened, Jimmy Carter still President United States on last day February.

Twitter's In Agreement: How The Heck Has March Lasted This Long?

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