Funny and relatable memes about being depressed, anxiety, pain, suffering, 2020 memes, funny tweets, depressing tweets, twitter memes | sluttypuffin @sluttypuffin Yeah living DREAM: Dead inside Reconsidering my career E ating everything complete mess Mentally unstable | Friend are doing Still alive, but suffering greatly.

Depressingly Relatable Memes For People Who Are Suffering

For some of us, 2020 hasn't changed much.
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Depressing headlines and tweets from our dystopian reality, news, politics, covid-19, money, capitalism | stress COVID can be made worse by holiday season hope this one-time offering postage-paid envelope mail rent check will relieve some stress | Tyson Foods Managers Placed Bets On Many Workers Would Catch Covid-19, Wrongful Death Lawsuit Alleges

17 Bleak Dispatches That Reflect Our Dystopian Reality

We live in hell.
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Funny and relatable jokes and comedy from twitter, funny tweets, relatable tweets | Classical Studies Memes Helleni CSMFHT Ancient Egypt, summarised Do want join my religion s religion? Shitheadsteve interested | Zuri Davis @ProperlyZuri is Joe Biden's plan stop recipe bloggers telling long, unskippable, mostly unrelated childhood memory before sharing damn recipe?

27 Clever & Relatable Twitter Tidbits

Short and sweet, baby.
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Funny depressing memes | People much faith do have human race look both ways at roundabout. Marvel's Thor Ragnarok | If 2020 hula hoop barbed wire

Kinda Depressing Memes For People Who Have Lost Faith In Humanity

We're over it.
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Feeling Seen

Funny meme about going to sleep without dinner to save money | my parents at 25 we should start saving for retirement IRA or 401k? ME at 25 If I go to sleep now then I wont have to pay for food
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Wise Words

Funny tweet about getting life together, I need to get my life together but I’m kind of waiting to see if the world is going to end before I put any real effort in.
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34 Slightly Dark Memes For Those In A Little Rut | An accurate representation go childhood adulthood slide leading into a hole | everyone describes as "chill" but on verge mental breakdown mask by acting unbothered about everything

Slightly Dark Memes For Those In A Bit Of A Rut

We see you.
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funny dank memes, funny memes, stupid memes, random memes | Sinking deeper and deeper into 2020 like Murder hornets Liberals Republicans constantly arguing Uncertainty about future $3.00 bank account days blending together Depression meals Sexual frustration Covid-19 fear Allergies raccoon in trash | think 2020 is historical equivalent tunnel boat scene Willy Wonka SCREAMING

2020 Memes And Tweets That Sum Up The Year Of The Garbage Fire

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depressing memes, depression, self-deprecating memes, sad memes | astronaut in space Wait am alone Always has been | @PIPESBUFFET DON'T HATE MONDAYS HATE PAIN EXISTENCE

18 Depressing Memes For Masters Of Self-Deprecation

Embrace the sadness.
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It Me

Funny meme about being insecure on wedding day, bride texting groom "are we still on for today"
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Funny random and clever tweets | Dave Cactus @dave_cactus finest Scotch, please Yes, sir guy at Staples says as he hands 12 year old roll tape.

23 Amusing Tweets We Wish We'd Twote

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Funny dank memes, cursed images, stupid memes, rabbit, crush, crushes, dating, relationships, pain | Me: *sends a meme to my crush* My crush: Lol this is so funny. I'm gonna send it to my boyfriend. I'm not a rabbit I'm clown.
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funny sad and depressing self-deprecating memes, depression, anxiety | scroll through timeline liking memes about depression, anxiety and alcoholism entisocial butterly x Ah, humor based on my pain. Ah, ha, ha. Friends Ross Geller | lays down go sleep my anxiety 8 seconds be attacked.

28 Woefully Relatable Self-Deprecating Memes

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I Didn't Consent To This Life

Funny meme about not having children, the curse ends with me | Me explaining to my parents why I'm not having kids This curse ends with me
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Depression memes, depressing memes, memes about depression, mental illness | CPAC Chopra @steak_ham If anyone ever feels depressed or defeated, get help s easy. Just look up which therapists are insurer's network. They won't be, but keep trying. If they are, ask if they're seeing new patients. They won't be. If they are, simply show up and pay 350 copay | start looking back on life and trying figure out hell got here @Some bull ish readhing book inside a trashcan

20 Depression Memes That Speak The Sad, Sad Truth

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Funny random memes, stupid memes, relatable memes, simpsons memes, hannibal burress, stupid memes, parenting memes | Therapist: You should really avoid using alcohol to cope with emotional trauma. Me: lean in my cereal | Do you remember how TinkerBell would nearly die everytime she didn't get enough attention? Well this is me now

Relatable Memes To Keep People Distracted

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