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Overnight Delivery of 31 Online Shopping Memes for Shopaholics to Immediately Unbox

Probably shouldn't have had an entire bottle of wine to myself on Black Friday...
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Bewildered Delivery App Users React to Shady Practice of 'Ghost Kitchens'

Don't get caught out
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Woman Complains About Waiting Six Weeks to Open Delivery Package Because of ADHD, Riles Up Folks on Twitter

A real controversy
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Amazon Delivery Driver Calls Out Entitled Customer Requesting He "Do Something Silly" in Front of Ring Doorbell For 5-Year-Old Son

Not what they're paid for
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25+ Spicy Pizza Memes In 30 Minutes or Less

Growing up, pizza was one of the best things in the world. It was more than just delicious, the presence of pizza often signaled a good time. Cheap, but tasty Little Caesar's at sleepovers, pizza day in the school cafeteria, eating a big pie with your soccer team after a win. Pizza is nostalgic, it's a core part of so many people's childhood. That's not to say pizza has no place as an adult. Ordering a pizza for delivery is a convenient and tasty experience . It's good in a pinch or when you do…
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30 Prime-Flavored Amazon Memes for Overnight Delivery Addicts

A Prime batch of Amazon memes
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Pile Up of Untipped DoorDash Orders Ignites Debate About Service Charges

Pay people fairly
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Funniest Memes for People Who Survive on UberEats and DoorDash

Funny Memes for People Who Survive on UberEats and DoorDash

Can I get a promo code for this?
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Stoned Food Industry Worker Prompts Hilarity With Apologetic Delivery Instructions

"I know you're about to make the f*ck outta this Philly"
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Worker Teaches New Manager a Lesson by Doing Things His Way, Boss Miraculously Admits He Was Wrong

He was a good guy and you’re right, he became someone that I knew had my back.
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Amazon Delivery Mix-Up Turns Into World's Most Awkward Situation

Amazon Delivery Mix-Up Turns Into An Extremely Awkward Situation

Sometimes the Amazon delivery people screw up, and that's okay - they're human after all and life goes on. And if you're a decent person, you'll handle the situation with grace. That means not turning into a Karen on a phone call with someone in India, and not knocking on every one of your neighbors doors convinced that they stole it. While they can undoubtedly be a pain in the a$$, sometimes these screw-ups lend themselves to, shall we say, less-savory happenstances? Like that time my downstai…
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Delivery Driver Sparks Outrage After Sharing Insulting Customer Request

Peak entitlement
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Funny & Embarrassing Snapshots of People Receiving Their Food Deliveries

In the age of 'contact-free' delivery, courier services like DoorDash have come up with clever ways to provide proof of delivery. One would think that a simple photo of the fast food bag in front of the customer's door would suffice. But some Dashers have taken it a step further by snapping the photo at the moment of interception. The Dasher waits from a safe distance and goes into paparazzi mode once the hungry, pajama-clad customer cracks open the door like a goblin coming out of hibernation.
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Woman’s Mix Up With Personalized Shower Curtain Delivery Leads To Hilarious Results

They're watching you
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Fedex Driver Amuses The Internet With Abrupt Delivery

Think fast!
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DoorDash Driver Baffled After Being Asked To Fulfil Order Over 700 Miles Away

What’s the endgame here?
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