The Cheese Is Strong In This One

delivery digiorno star wars the force yoda - 4613691136
Created by Aaron Outland

There's Even Free Delivery!?

Ad amazing delivery IRL pedobear - 4545121280
Created by Unknown


delivery Dominoes pizza troll face - 4419766272
Created by Pentax

Technologically Impaired Duck: iTunes Store

album delivery digital iTunes Technologically Impaired Duck - 4303601152
See all captions Created by johnnytwostep


delivery incredible mail package Pure Awesome - 3038129152
Created by Unknown


close delivery house pizza venn diagram - 2473885440
Created by Mandie...


bills delivery junk mail narnia neighbor - 1998515456
Created by matth6761


delivery hours shower UPS waiting - 1969238784
Created by falafelicious


delivery Mormon Chat mormons polygamy - 4603918592
Created by Unknown

So. Many. Jokes.

Yahoo Answers post about deliveries in rear seem just too good to be true for the jokers.
Created by Unknown

I Shouldn't Have to Ask, That's Just Good Customer Service

customer service instructions order delivery pretty - 6974864896
Created by Unknown

Want to Join the Pen 15 Club?

delivery dominos IRL p3n0r pizza - 6202679296
Created by Unknown

IT Pro in Denial

delivery - 8259626240
Created by larryjackson951
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