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Random Thoughts From the Bored Minds of Twitter

Do you ever get tired of your own thoughts ? I know I do. Especially the damn intrusive ones. Ever since I was a little kid, bleak thoughts would creep into my mind, distracting me from real life and preventing me from living in the present. Thoughts about death, thoughts about sickness, thoughts about the ails of the world. The older I get, the darker and more uninviting the world seems. So the thoughts persist, weaseling their way into my brain and turning neutral moments into negative ones.…
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Funny deep thoughts

Cringey Times People Thought They Were Being Deep

When I was a middle schooler , and if I'm being honest, a high schooler, I thought I was deep AF. The pain that coursed through my little hormonal veins was so potent. My LiveJournal was filled with Radiohead lyrics that not-so-subtly were directed at my ex-boyfriend, and stupid pictures with sad filters and contrived poetry. I scrawled the same lyrics on my ripped jeans and walked miles with my Discman with tears in my heavily lined eyes thinking about how hard my life was. While I grew out of…
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An Deep Compilation of Deep Thoughts With 'The Deep' From 'The Boys'

I've only seen one episode of the latest season of The Boys . And it was pretty damn insane, which is saying a lot about a show that revels in gratuitous violence and (thankfully) humor. The show's critical depiction of Marvel-esque superhero worship has a nice chunk of the binge-watching population in it the palm of its hand. And while a lot of it is thanks to the aforementioned violence and wit, there's something to be said about the character development. Every character is pretty complex, b…
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Wannabe Internet Philosophers Who Really Think They Did Something

They're not like the other girls
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Painfully Cringey Posts That Were Meant to Be Deep

The internet is a veritable goldmine of sanity-defying cringe . While some of us use the world wide web for good, or like, not bad, there are individuals out there who are making it a painful place to scroll. And some of them are completely unaware of the damage they're doing to our eyes and brains. We're talking about those people who wear their heart on their sleeve and are unafraid of sharing their disillusionment, cynicism, and feelings of romantic failure with the entire world. Then there…
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Deep thoughts from the subreddit r/showerthoughts, relationships, life | Posted by u/Boilermaker1983 If could run most relationships backwards, they would actually be much more romantic. First strong hatred, followed by trying times, then ending with crazy passionate love and desire.

23 Deep Thoughts That Could Only Happen In The Shower

Let's hear it for r/showerthoughts.
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20 Comically Cringe Posts That Were Meant To Be Profound

Sprinkled with scrumptious satire
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20+ Tryhard Posts That Desperately Want To Be Deep

Thanks to the internet, it's never been harder to be a teenager — and boy, are they going to let us know about it. Whether it's the exposure to one too many TikTok dances or a resentment towards being left on read, there's something about the internet that seems to churn out wannabe youthful culture critics. As if that wasn't enough, they're usually about as intellectual as the jokes you read on popsicle sticks, if popsicles were preoccupied with that one Nietzsche quote they read once. On the …
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24 Deep Thoughts That Hit At The Most Mundane Times

Shower thoughts that made us go 'huh'
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Disney memes, deep thoughts | the little mermaid villain evil laugh Ursula probably did Ariel favor by taking her voice. Eric would have thought she nuts talking about dinglehoppers and snarfblats. looking sideways with a sad smile and a flower in her hair Mulan couldn't have saved China if she had big boobs.

These 'Deep' Disney Thoughts Are Actually On Point

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High Thoughts

Funny meme that reads, "The youngest picture of you is the oldest picture of you" above pics of a guy looking shocked
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19 'Deep' Shower Thoughts For When You Need Some Mild Amusement

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Deep thoughts, shower thoughts. | People hate writing essays school, yet will willingly write 10-paragraph long essay with sources win an argument online.

20 Deep AF Shower Thoughts For Your Pondering Pleasure

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Funny shower thoughts.

20 Deep Shower Thoughts That'll Low Key Blow Your Tiny Brain

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::Brain Explodes::

Funny meme about bernie sanders about clapping.
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22 Pensive Memes For The Deep Thinkers

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