darth vader

Vader Is Only Slightly Sentimental

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The Prophecy Came True

star wars anakin skywalker darth vader sudden clarity clarence - 8202545664

The Force is Strong in This Mutant

Magneto x men professor x darth vader - 8193370112
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Darth Had a Unique Footprint

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Yet Another Reason to Join The Dark Side

Funny gif of a Star Wars scene with Darth Vader and Hans Solo, but the blaster has been swapped with a slice of pizza. Pizza is the dark side
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Rise Lord Vader

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Keep it Weird, Portland

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Finally Getting Back at Dad

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Close Enough

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The Original Good Guys

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If Judd Apatow Directed Empire Strikes Back

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Old Electronics Get Turned Into Amazing Pop Art

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They Used Wood on the Death Star?

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Tall Darth and Handsome

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The Story Arc Would Have Changed Return of The Jedi Incredibly

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Oh God, Don't Move!

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