darth vader

I Can't Believe It's Not Midi-chlorians!

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Darth Vader vs. Dad

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Vader Knows What's Up

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Darth Vader Was Not a Nice Person

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It's More Expensive But Easier to See

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What a Freaking Genius Emperor We Got Here

darth vader Emperor Palpatine star wars toast web comics - 8428374528
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Charades With Darth Vader

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The Dark Side of Christmas

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The Dark Side of The Force

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Search Your Feelings! You Know it to Be True!

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When I Said "Rule the Galaxy as Father and Son," I Meant the "Galaxy" of Our Relationship!

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An Alternate Way to Destroy The Deathstar

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Warm Yourself Up With the Dark Side

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Joine Myne Empire and Together We Maye Rvle Yon Gælaxie as Father and Sonne

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I Thought it Was Sub-Zero

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Who Says Coloring Books Stifle Creativity?

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