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Caption that reads, "When your mom calls you handsome your entire life but no girl has ever liked you" above a still from Star Wars of Anakin yelling "liar"
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Star Wars Fans Totally Misinterpreting 'The Last Jedi,' According To Insane Twitter Thread

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Trump's 'Space Force' Is Officially A Go And The Internet Is Going Bananas

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Funny star wars memes.

25 Star Wars Memes That'll Instill You With The Force

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We Can Dream

meme of Darth Vader with the caption, "My favorite part of Star Wars was when Darth Vader lost his cool during a staff meeting and started choking a coworker"
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Trump memes about Donald Trump's space force for the military

Trump's 'Space Force' Proposal Has The Internet Going Meme-Crazy

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50 Hilarious Star Wars Memes In Honor Of May The Fourth

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Funny meme and webcomic about stormtrooper enjoying being force choked by Darth Vader.
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Han Can Be So Rude SMH

funny meme of han solo and darth vader suggesting darth vader cooked a nice meal.
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Funny memes and mashups, album covers, Star Wars.

Star Wars Meets Classic Album Covers In These Genius Mashups

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Funny memes about EA Star Wars Battlefront II, pay to win, unlockable heroes, anakin skywalker, darth vader.

Gamers Are Trolling EA Over Star Wars Battlefront II Controversy

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Collection of Twitter memes regarding Star Wars spinoffs, #unlikelystarwarsspinoffs, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Han Solo, television.

These Unlikely Star Wars Spin-Offs Are Giving Us Life

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Funny girl live tweets watching Star Wars and how Darth Vader could have been avoided.

Girl Watching Star Wars, Live-Tweets Plausible Theory Regarding How Avoidable Darth Vader Was

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Stupid Thing of the Day: There Are Very Few Words for This Unicycle Riding, Flaming Bagpipe Playing Darth Vader

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The Internet Really Messed With Darth Vader's Image When They Photoshopped This Still From the Rogue One Trailer

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