Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

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Cute & Funny Pics of Pets Playing Hide and Seek (Badly)

Pets are little bundles of endless entertainment. Twitter user @DustinGrowick recently shared an adorable picture of his cat disguised as a paper towel roll, and the post has inspired hundreds of people to reply with funny images of their own fuzzy masters of disguise. Keep scrolling to see our favorite highlights from the wholesome thread.
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Unusual Kid Charms Twitter With Steve Harvey Obsession

There are worse role models
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Wholesome Thread Proves Animals Can Understand What We're Saying

Are animals secretly listening to everything we say? Studies have shown that dogs can identify different human emotions through reading the facial expressions of their owners. Some scientists believe that dolphins, whose own spoken language is highly advanced, have the capacity to learn human languages and possibly even speak English. Of course, if a squirrel gives you an offended look after you make fun of him, it's likely just a funny coincidence. But this hilarious thread of animals seemingl…
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Funny story about a mechanic finding a jack rabbit in guy's undercarriage, hyundai, tweets, twitter

Dude Takes Car to Get Serviced, Mechanic Finds Live Jack Rabbit In the Undercarriage

A trip to the mechanic can be full of surprises.
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A Captivating Collection of Cat Memes and Things

It's said that humans can become addicted to cats. The cause? A little parasite called toxoplasmosis gondii. Toxoplasmosis, the disease that is caused by the parasite, can affect nearly all living creatures, though it is most common in cats. Despite that statistic, it's been documented in humans as far back as the days of Ancient Egyptians , as evidenced by their mummies. And many think the parasite can influence humans to engage in risky, even psychotic behavior. A bit less seriously, scientis…
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Naughty & Nice Memes to Send Your Valentine

There is no way around it: Valentine's Day is a “Hallmark holiday." For those of you who are unfamiliar, Hallmark is a greeting cards brand that has been churning out the corny, pre-packaged sentiments since 1910. The company, which is based in Kansas City, Missouri, is the largest (and oldest) manufacturer of the products in the United States. You don't have to be based here to understand that “Hallmark holidays” are commercial creations. Hallmark started shilling cards for Valentine's Day in…
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15+ Pictures That Capture The Majesty, Beauty And Hilarity Of Falling Cats

Perfect timing
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15+ Objects With Charmingly Human Faces

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Wholesome and happy memes and posts

Happy & Heartwarming Posts For Restoring Faith in Humanity

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: The world feels royally messed up right now. And it has for a while. If you don't maintain perspective, it's easy to succumb to the doom and gloom - especially when the news has nothing positive to say. Lucky for all of us trying to keep it together, there are little bright spots to be found. And a lot of them happen to live on the internet. While happy and wholesome posts may be a little less frequent than fear mongering and hate-spewing, we'll tak…
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Twitter thread in which characters from lord of the rings are recast as dogs | Save Lady K @Coppertopmpls If Lord of the Rings was all dogs: a thread: Frodo as a pug Boromir as a Labrador Saruman as an Afghan Hound

Twitter Thread Recasts 'Lord of The Rings' Characters As Dogs

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Charming Thread Delights In The Pleasures Of A Custom Snowball Maker

So cute
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Funny tumblr thread about wholesome boys will be boys moments, frat guys

Tumblr Thread Shares Wholesome 'Boys Will Be Boys' Moments

Spoiler alert: Frat guys aren't all bad.
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4-Year-Old Starts Adorable Budding Friendship With Siri

"What does that even mean?"
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Dumb Doggo Memes For Pupper-Lovers

Life's one big borkin' good time for a dog
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Account That Posts Images With Hidden Cats Is Twitter's New Favorite Game

There is no cat in this image...or is there?
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Heartwarming Reminders That People Can Be Pretty Cool Sometimes

Sure, the world is full of pain and misery, and it can seem especially hopeless when your frame of reference is limited to whatever depressing crap the media is churning out on a daily basis. It may be hard to believe, but humans ain't all that bad. Good people do good things all the time, it's just that only a tiny fraction of heartwarming animal rescues and moments of human compassion are caught on camera and shared to r/HumansBeingBros . That said, we've collected a bunch of wholesome stuff …
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