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cover image of a dog behaving, bearded dragon loving his toy lizard

36 Cute AF Animal Snaps That'll Melt Even The Manliest Of Men

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But The Fat Boi Is So Cute

Caption that reads, "A message to my enemies" above a pic of a cute little bird on top of a mouse it killed
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cover image of behaving cute and silly

27 Devilish Cats That Are Too Cute For Snapchat

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He Found The Loophole

Caption that reads, "Y'all stepping on this for $1.5 billion???" above a pic of a cute little baby bunny; someone replies, "They ain't say I had to kill it so Ima just lightly tap bro head with the bottom of my shoe and then slide my boy a stack for the troubles"
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Funny animal facts.

39 Freaky Animal Facts That Are Probably New To You

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cover image about how friendship is more important than politics, residents buy all baked goods from bakery

17 Wholesome Memes And Tweets That'll Put A Big Smile On Your Face

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Much Sour

Caption that reads, "Just watched my dog try to eat a lemon" above a bunch of pics of a cute dog eating a lemon and making funny faces
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Pics of a kitten with course hair that looks like a sheep; someone comments that this type of cat is called a 'shat' or a 'shitten'
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wholesome heartwarming memes to cleanse soul from halloween demonic possession

17 Wholesome Memes To Drown Out Halloween's Satanic Aura

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Awkward But Worth It

Tweet that reads, "Can you imagine how awkward it would be if your pet went on your phone and found the thousands of pictures you have of them sleeping"
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Bamboozled U

Caption that reads, "When you sign on to Amazon and rate all the vacuums as one star" above a pic of a dog sitting at a computer wearing a hacker sweatshirt
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Sassy Snek

Caption that reads, "If you draw arms and eyebrows on a snake, it instantly turns them into sassy little a**holes" above a pic of a cute snake with arms drawn on it