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Demanding Customer Sparks Debate by Ordering "Spreadsheet" of Subs at Publix

There was a queue
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Drive Thru Worker Humorously Lists the Worst Types of Customers to Deal With

Pull up
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Delivery Driver Sparks Outrage After Sharing Insulting Customer Request

Peak entitlement
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A male karen berates a hotel worker and the hotel workers stands up for himself.

Crazy Dude Screams At Motel Clerk After His Card Declines And Room Gets Canceled

Working in customer service is such a joy, isn't it? If you're not getting screamed at by customers one minute, you will be the next minute. It's one thing working at a store or a restaurant, but something about doing hospitality work brings out the worst in customers. It's their vacation, and if something goes wrong with it, boy howdy are they going to have a fit about it. TikToker James Mahoney caught one of these interactions in the act. A man verbally berated a motel concierge for his room…
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Bartending Memes For All the Saints Serving Up the Sauce

Being a bartender may seem like a glamorous and perk-filled gig to some people, but it's not everything it's cracked up to be. While it may seem fun and benevolent to be getting people drunk, the duty comes with the bonuses of semi-frequent vomit, belligerence, creepy guys, finger-snapping, and people who expect freebies. Even as a bartender in a restaurant, my clientele may have been politely seated at the bar, but the servers sending me tickets had no concept of the time it takes to make cock…
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Enjoyable Thread Reminisces On Times Annoying Customers Played Themselves

Serves them right
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Woman Visits Store With Family, Demands Teen Customer Offers Free Childcare

Like with any public place, most of us are accustomed to practicing some basic etiquette when we go shopping . We queue to pay, ask an employee if we need help and mostly keep our interactions with other customers to a minimum. That said, there are always a select few who insist on defying the rules. More often than not, they also make a huge scene while doing so. Posting on r/IDontWorkHereLady, u/GallifreyGirlDusk reminisced about the time she was browsing a store as a teen when a fellow custo…
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Workplace Mishap Leads To Entertaining Thread On The Perils Of Being A Server

Zero to one hundred real quick
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Twitter debate about the cost of double shot

Bartender Shares Snarky Message From Customer, Ignites Debate Over the Price of Doubles

People love to bash writers of snarky receipt notes. But some people think this customer was in the right.
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Target Chat Agent Gets Real With Customer, People Relate

Sucks to be him
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McDonald’s Worker Catches Heat By Showing How She Makes Ice Cream For Rude Customers

Another beautiful day in food service
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customer service, retail, retail hell, retail workers, yikes, cringe, customers, stupid people, facepalm, reddit, karen, jobs, holidays, black friday | 10k Damages Over 10 Cent Overcharge Medium This happened few years ago working at large upscale beauty supply Wigs/ Weaves/etc Our register bit old fashioned so had punch some items by hand. Usually not big deal, but definitely left some room human error. One day woman came and my coworker pressed wrong button and overcharged her by 10cents

Retail Warriors Share Seriously Nightmarish Customer Stories

Remember to be kind to workers
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15+ Funny Google Reviews That Champion The Angry, Entitled, And Confused

Five stars
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Server Enacts Perfect Revenge On Pranking Customer

She won in the end
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Fearsome Karen Stuns Customers By Launching Tirade Against Overworked Server

With its long hours and temperamental pay, working in hospitality is not the easiest job at the best of times. Working in the middle of a pandemic has only made it that much harder. When you don’t work in this kind of environment, it’s easy to be oblivious to the worst of these working conditions . One customer received an unwelcome shock when they witnessed their stressed out server bear the full force of a rant by an angry café Karen. @kkillen My first wild Karen ##karen ##waitress ##okaykare…
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entitled customers not always right | Dai Lama Follow @WeishDalailama They say customer is always right Tell story customer encountered proves this motto spectacularly wrong | Sianiellen Follow @sianiellen Replying WelshDalailama used work tearoom type cafe customer sent scone back kitchen, claiming there too much cream on scone jam and cream served seperate. He had put on himself. 1:17 AM 5 Apr 2019

Infuriating Times the Entitled Customer Was Definitely NOT Right

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