Funny memes about working in retail

42 Retail Memes For When You Gotta Put On That Fake Smile

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This Bad Boy Can Fit So Many F*cking Car Salesmen In It

"Slaps Roof of Car" meme where the car salesman and the customer are in a kiddie pool, with text that reads, "*splash splash* haha"
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Retail Memes For Anyone Who Has To Deal With Aggravating Customers

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Funny customer service memes.

22 Customer Service Memes For Everyone In The Struggle

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Where All My Customer Service Peeps At

Tweet that reads, "Sometimes I hear songs that played when I worked in retail and I get PTSD"
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15 Barista Memes For Those Who Are Sick Of Faking Happiness

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memes about working in customer service

17 Customer Service Memes That'll Make You Hate Humanity

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Suck Ittttt

Caption reads, "When the customer you're dealing with asks to speak to the manager and the manager says the same thing you did" above a pic of an old lady making a funny face at another old lady
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"If My Card Doesn't Swipe Does That Mean It's Free??"

Pic of a creepy-looking statue in a restaurant with a big smile under the caption, "When the customer's joke isn't funny but you got bills to pay"
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How Ya Like Me Now!!!

Pic of a guy with a smiley face taped on his head under the caption, "When your boss says that you need to wear a smile when you're at work"
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Funny memes about serving at a restaurant.

25 Hilarious Memes That Will Trigger Every Server

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FAIL customers Starbucks florida win politics - 79316737

If You're the Governor of Florida, You Should Probably Have Someone Else Get Your Coffee For You

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Meat Department Don'ts

herp derp work customers meat - 8548416256
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Be Nice

customers - 8428380416

Buy One, Get Derp

customers restaurant sandwich sale - 8389562624
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Something Tells Me Sainsbury's Wasn't Meant to Put This in the Front Window of the Store...

shopping customers - 8333802496