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Customer Service Workers Share The Most Haunting Interactions They’ve Had With The Public

Ew, people
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Company Catches Heat For Cold Reaction To Employee’s Death

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Customer Complains About Being Shortchanged, Forfeits Getting Extra

She played herself
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Sassy Restaurant Calls Out Karen Who Refused To Wait For Food

She deserved it
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Delivery Driver Sparks Outrage After Sharing Insulting Request

Peak entitlement
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Guy Sparks Outrage After Trolling Server With Tip He Knows Will Get Declined

Not funny
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Workplace Mishap Leads To Entertaining Thread On The Perils Of Being A Server

Zero to one hundred real quick
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Traumatizing Takeout Reviews That Will Curb All Junk Food Cravings

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McDonald’s Worker Catches Heat By Showing How She Makes Ice Cream For Rude Customers

Another beautiful day in food service
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Poetic Customer Service Representative Captures The Heart Of Twitter

So elegant
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15+ Funny Google Reviews That Champion The Angry, Entitled, And Confused

Five stars
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Waitstaff Memes For and About Hospitality Workers

It's not an easy job.
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Forever Too Young

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Always Right You Are

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