He's Been Doing This For Hours

cups gifs critters hedgehog funny - 7466407936
Created by Unknown

Dog Wants Parrots Cup

cups parrots gifs critters funny - 7462396160
Created by Unknown

About How Much Coffee I Need Per Day

wtf cups coffee - 7355038208
Created by Unknown

It's Not What It Looks Like

cups - 7340064512
Created by Unknown

Kathy Lee Defies Physics

physics cups gifs mugs - 7140691456
Created by Unknown

Getting a Drink

cups glasses kitchen - 7101257728
Created by delta_rh0

Now That's a Hell of a Drink

drink cups booze vision - 3432891904
Created by Unknown

Cup Troll Has Bad Maths

missing sign cups IRL truancy story - 6786704640
Created by dustindhansen

Trying to Decide Which Cup Belongs to Who

drinking cups stfu Rage Comics faces alcoholism - 6656354304
Created by jtcaseley1

We've All Been There

Cats Caturday cups drinking gifs - 6631963136
Created by Unknown

If We Meet IRL, Drinks Are On Me

cups internet safety secret - 6636538112
Created by Unknown

Rage Comics: Cup Placement

cups mother of god organization - 6601187584
Created by Freglance

One Girl One Cup

babe buns cups flip gifs humpday - 6570247168
Created by Unknown

Only 8 Ounces, Srsly?

coffee cups faces - 6530104064
Created by chelangirl

He Might Need Some Tape Too...

cups Harry Potter I see what you did there Movie nose voldemort - 5924178432
Created by Evilred

Monkey in a Cup

critters cups cute gifs monkey sitting - 6390150144
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via I Can Has Cheezburger )