What a Sophisticated Little Drinker

gif of a black rat drinking from a tiny cup
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What to Do When Your Roommate Leaves Their Glasses in the Sink

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GIF - Cat Says It MINE

gif of a cat that has decreed that glass of water belongs to MINE!
Created by ToolBee ( Via Cat Gifs )

It's An Emergency

cups funny web comics - 7903805440
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He's At The Top of The Stack

cups mindwarp gifs stacking - 7887579648
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How Does This Happen?

wtf cups scissors funny - 7876492544
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cups evil lids - 7844963072
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Budget Musician

Music cups violin fast food - 7830030592
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The Perfect Start to the Morning

cups coffee cookies food - 7804319232
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Time for a Bidding War!

cups work Office - 7782452224
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You Had ONE Job, Cups!

cups soda - 7777831680
Created by PenguinLover4

I Should Know Better By Now

avalanche drinks cups soda ice - 7160015872
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Why I Never Trust Cups Around Friends' Who Have Birds

cups birds gifs critters - 7667707392
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Oh You Forgot This

motorcycles cups gifs driving funny win - 7649424896
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wtf cups - 7628636928
Created by mrmrr

How About a Nice Cup of Eye?

wtf cups eyes funny - 7561210880
Created by poniesNwaffles