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Funny meme that compares a very loud sound destroying the galaxy and creating a black hole with the sound of kids yelling in a supermarket | if you were to produce a sound louder than 1,100 DB you would create a black hole and destroy the galaxy
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Funny dank memes about babies on airplanes

Fourteen Annoying Memes About Babies On Airplanes

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funny memes and tweets about spotify wrapped 2019

Sassy Spotify Wrapped Memes & Tweets

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Funny meme that reads, "When someone tells me I should go to a four-year university instead of community college" above photos of a woman crying while wiping her eyes with money
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kids crying for stupid reasons

Hilariously Irrational Reasons Toddlers Have Had Crying Fits

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It All Makes Sense

Funny meme that reads, "This is what babies see when you wanna kiss them. That's why they cry" above a creepy close-up photo of a woman's face
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Cringey pics, funny cringey pics.

25 Ultra-Cringey Pics That'll Make You Feel Great About Yourself

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Sad pictures and depressing memes.

25 Moderately Depressing Pics For When You Wanna Lean Into The Sadness

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frustrating tantrum screaming kids toddlers parenting Meltdown parents crying children - 8470021

17 Toddler Tantrums That'll Make Your Reproductive Organs Shrivel Up

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Why Is A Baby In A Movie Theater In The First Place

Caption that reads, "Nobody: ... Babies in movie theaters: ..." above a still of Shrek yelling
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Caption that reads, "'Are you smart? Spell it;' Third-grader: 'S-M-A-R-T;' 'I said spell IT;' Third-grader: ..." above pics of a little kid having a meltdown
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Don't Leave Me!

Caption that reads, "When your dog leaves the room you're in" above a drawing from a pain meter with text that reads, "1-2 hurts just a little bit"
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Who The F*ck Cutting Onions

Headline that reads, "Terri Irwin hasn't been on a date since losing Steve: 'I already had my happily ever after'" above pics of a guy crying
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Umm, There There?

Caption that reads, "When your friend starts drunk crying outta nowhere and you're just like..." above a pic of a little dog looking awkward with a glass of wine
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Plot Twist

Caption that reads, "Who would win?" above text that reads, "The most complex sensory organ in the body" above a pic of an eye, next to text that reads, "Some chopped veggie bois" above a pic of some chopped onions
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Let The Cringe Flow Through You

Funny meme about a boy crying in different locations.
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