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The Most Cringeworthy Dating App Encounters This Week (April 5, 2023)

Modern dating has become a complex and often daunting experience for many people. As a recently single person, I can 100% agree. See, in today's society, people are expected to meet new individuals in a fast-paced, highly technological environment. With the rise of dating apps and social media, finding someone to date has become easier yet somehow more challenging. Instead of focusing on the fun parts of meeting new people and discovering new things, we're drowning in options, engaging in surfa…
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Sick and Sad Cringe Pics For People Who Want To Feel Bad

Forget wholesome content and happy memes . Sometimes we all need to scroll through a selection of cringey moments that can only be described as "dumpster fire." From horrible weeb posts to questionable and offensive fashion choices, we've got an awful lot of content that falls into this incredibly cursed category. But sometimes you need to give yourself up to the cringe and just lean in. You know, so we can all feel a bit better about ourselves.
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Twitter Users Share Their All-Time Favorite Deleted Tweets

It's common to regret things we say from time to time, but making a mistake in a conversation or sending an embarrassing message in a group chat is nothing compared to the potential horror of posting something on the internet that you deeply regret later. Justine Sacco's infamous tweet is a reminder that deleting a cringeworthy post may not be enough, as it could already be too late. It's important to remember that anything you say or post on social media, including revealing photos or comments…
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The Cringiest Parenting Posts of the Week (April 3, 2023)

Not a conspiracy diaper!
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Cringeposts and Memes From and About Messed-Up Neckbeards

Ah, “neckbeards.” What's in a name? While the term, at its most literal, refers to dudes whose facial hair seems to gravitate toward the neck and chin, the meaning has shifted over the years. Nowadays, “neckbeard” refers to unsavory dudes you might come across on the internet who are really into stuff like gaming, anime, and comic books. Those interests are all well and good (we love a good comic book or game sesh), but, unfortunately, a lot of neckbeards are also huge misogynists. They tend to…
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Wildest Posts From the Depths of Facebook (April 2, 2023)

What a place
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The Most Agonizing Examples of Cringe This Week (April 1, 2023)

When will people stop
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Cringey Posts With Obnoxious 'Pick Me' Energy

Confession time: Back when I was in college, I was proud that all my friends were dudes. It sort of felt like I'd won their acceptance, and they liked me more than the other women who lived in our co-ed dorm. The reality is that we just became friends because I had developed a nasty habit of chain smoking outside where many of the international residents smoked all day, and had social anxiety that stopped me from making meaningful friendships with women. Thankfully, this embarrassing phase didn…
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The Most Cringeworthy Dating App Encounters This Week (March 29, 2023)

Hell is other people
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The Cringiest Parenting Posts of the Week (March 28, 2023)

Are these people for real?
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An Appalling Collection of the Purest Cringe

Feel the burn
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Wildest Posts From the Depths of Facebook (March 26, 2023)

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The Most Agonizing Examples of Cringe This Week (March 25, 2023)

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The Worst Food TikToks to Poison Our Feeds This Week (March 24, 2023)

Some people simply cannot be trusted with food. I'm not talking about my mom, either. Even with her negligible cooking skills, I know she would never do anything wasteful or disrespectful to food that should be eaten. The same does not go for people on TikTok, Instagram or Facebook. Over the past year food abominations have become even more prevalent. The desperation for engagement and attention has unleashed some seriously sad culinary creations into the Internet. To put it frankly, our feeds…
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The Most Entertaining Takes From TikTok This Week (March 23, 2023)

The algorithm is wild
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The Most Cringeworthy Dating App Encounters This Week (March 22, 2023)

Love is a battlefield
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