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Dumb & Awkward Things That Aged Terribly

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A Panoply of Cringeworthy Pictures That Make Humanity Feel Like A Mistake

Oh no
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Cringey Disney couples doesn't feed their wedding guest, wtf

Disney Couple Forgoes Catering at Wedding So They Can Afford Appearance By Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Disney couples are a very specific sort of cringe . My own aunt and uncle had their honeymoon at Disney World (and collect Disney watches) but that's nothing compared to the cringe of people who opt to get married at the park itself. I knew one such couple, and all of their savings would go to a yearly visit, which to me is inconceivable. Even that couple cannot hold a candle to another that got absolutely roasted on both Twitter and Reddit this past weekend.
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A Squirm-Inducing Collection of Cringe and Cringeworthy Moments

Make it stop
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Awful Twitter Replies That Show Humanity Has a Problem

Spare us
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Shameful cringey moments of gatekeeping, tweets, twitter, yikes, rude, gaming, masculinity | THIS is FAMILY THIS is NOT FAMILY homophobic t shirts | Sitting front craft beer couple at Twins game and they keep going NOT BEER poor vendors selling Bud Light. Imagine being so uninteresting think this counts as personality

Cringey Moments of Ridiculous Gatekeeping

Get off that high horse, y'all.
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A Whole New Bunch of Images & Posts to Instantly Hate

Thanks, I hate it
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Embarrassing Times People Had No Idea Who They Were Talking To

We all have plenty of opportunities to embarrass ourselves. Hell, I embarrass myself almost every time I leave the damn house. Sometimes I jumble my words while talking and sound like a total moron. Thank god I'm in a relationship and no longer have to deal with sending embarrassingly desperate texts to guys I have a crush on. These moments of ineptitude are unfortunate, but they don't hold a candle to the times I've accidentally talked shit about a person's music to their face. Yes, multiple t…
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Terrible and Hammy Memes From the Murky Depths of Facebook

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Horrible Examples of High Potency Cringe

Share the pain
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10 Cringey Memes That Might Make You Uncomfortable (August 9, 2022)

It's a whole lot better than watching pimple popping videos at 2am, but here are some of this week's cringiest, most uncomfortable memes that are surprisingly hilarious. If awkward silence, chaos, or discomfort makes you laugh nervously, these memes are for you.
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r/gatekeeping, gatekeeping, gatekeepers, cringe, cringeworthy, shameful, yikes, reddit, facebook, twitter, funny tweets, rude, funny, stupid people, religion, race, depression, autism, wtf, facepalm | If white, and eat sushi with chopsticks, congratulations colonizer | Homosexual people have right be family. They are children God Pope Francis said one his sit-down interviews film. He is not true catholic. he is literally pope

Cringey Instances Of Gratuitous Gatekeeping

Dumb people who claim authority over everything
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Unhinged tweets, cringey tweets, wtf

Unhinged Tweets From Troubled Minds

More people should be investing in filters.
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incels, incel, nice guys, nice guy, horrible, relationships, cringe, cringeworthy

Horrible Examples Of Incels Being Cringe

I can smell these posts
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Painfully Cringey Posts That Were Meant to Be Deep

The internet is a veritable goldmine of sanity-defying cringe . While some of us use the world wide web for good, or like, not bad, there are individuals out there who are making it a painful place to scroll. And some of them are completely unaware of the damage they're doing to our eyes and brains. We're talking about those people who wear their heart on their sleeve and are unafraid of sharing their disillusionment, cynicism, and feelings of romantic failure with the entire world. Then there…
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Funny and cringey images of tough guys and tough girls, cringe, badasses, humor, wtf, fail

Cringey Badasses Who Need to Take It Down a Notch

It used to be that we'd run into insufferable bullies with anger management issues a few times a year in the schoolyard, or maybe as an adult at a testosterone-filled dive bar or club. The bullies were clearly covering up a tough home life or a behavioral issue. Macho drunk dudes ? Probably compensating for something. But those run-ins seemed irregular enough that we'd simply roll our eyes and go on with our lives. These days, however, the internet alerts us to these deluded, self-important ind…
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