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The Most Agonizing Instances of Cringe This Week (April 22, 2023)

A terrible time
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Funny photos of people being trashy, bad tattoos, dumb people, stupid people, cringe, fail | My grandfather passed away today. Sympathy pussy? | pregnancy photoshoot

Tacky Pics From the Landfills Of The Internet

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The Most Cringeworthy Dating App Encounters This Week (April 19, 2023)

Modern romance sucks
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Cringey Examples of Cringeworthy Things to Cringe At

Feeling bad
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The Cringiest Mommy Facebook Posts of the Week (April 17, 2023)

Parents embarrass their kids all the time. It's a natural part of the parent-child relationship , and it's often completely unavoidable. Once a child becomes a tween, they can't stand to be seen with their parents in public. Tweens want their parents to drop them off at the mall far out of the view of any other tweens because having a mom is apparently extremely embarrassing. Tweens and teens don't want their parents to take pictures of them, be seen in public with them, or generally be around…
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The Most Agonizing Instances of Cringe This Week (April 15, 2023)

Can't stop, won't stop
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lgbtq twitter conservatives right wing cringe elon musk tweets social media tesla cringeworthy - 20138757

Elon Musk Attempts to Win Over Conservatives, Posts Transphobic Tweets

In a not-so-shocking development, Elon Musk has made his newest attempt at being liked by literally anyone. This time he’s gone full-on conservative pundit mode, desperately vying for the approval of the right. The king of second-hand embarrassment himself tweeted a number of anti-trans tweets today. Perfect timing when you consider his imminent two-part interview with conservative outrage superstar Tucker Carlson. This is just another step in Musk’s journey of being an unlikable failure. Earli…
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The Most Cringeworthy Dating App Encounters This Week (April 12, 2023)

It's rough out there, y'all. And by “out there” I mean the online dating landscape . It's funny that as meeting new people has become easier (with the help of apps like Tinder and Hinge ), it's also gotten harder. While in the old days of Okcupid I was able to message a normal guy, and then meet him for a fun date, nowadays it seems like there are just four trajectories: Option 1) Play pen pals for a couple of weeks and then get unmatched for some unknown reason. Option 2) Meet up for a casual…
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The Cringiest Food Posts We Saw On Our Feeds This Week (April 11, 2023)

Food is a powerful thing. It nourishes us, brings us together as family and friends, and sometimes even inspires us. Food is often treated as art, and chefs are treated like artists. Food also has the power to make us happy , whether it's a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich while hungover, or a big spoonful of ice cream when you've had an especially oppressive day. Lately, however, we've been marveling at the way food can also make us angry. In fact, it can make us straight-up furious. It's true…
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The Cringiest Parenting Posts of the Week (April 10, 2023)

There is an epidemic sweeping our nation right now. It's hard for me to articulate this without getting emotional, but the store Target is selling shirts for toddlers with rainbows on them. This is a national emergency and needs to be addressed by the leaders of this great nation sooner rather than later. I'm making a jokey joke here, but there are a lot of people out there who think boys wearing shirts with rainbows is the end of the world. I remember when I was a kid, people tried to decrease…
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Wildest Posts From the Depths of Facebook (April 10, 2023)

Facebook is a unique place. It's used by about 3 billion people globally, and yet the most frequent sentiment I hear is “Crazy that people are still on Facebook.” It's ridiculed in my circles, dismissed as a place where boomers go to fight about politics, humble (or not-so-humble) brag and ask their peers about mystery skin diseases. Sometimes the wildest posts aren't even meant to be posts at all: they're adorable gaffes from senior citizens who simpley don't know how to
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Awful Cringe Straight From the Bowels of the Internet

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The Most Agonizing Instances of Cringe This Week (April 8, 2023)

Did you know that there are two different kinds of cringe: compassionate cringe and contemptuous cringe? Compassionate cringe is about laughing with somebody about a relatable embarrassing experience. Compassionate cringe might occur when you tell your friends about the time you asked out your crush in middle school or when you fell off your scooter and accidentally got a scab that looked like a Hitler mustache for two weeks. Everyone relates to cringe like this, but compassionate cringe is not…
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Awful Cringe That Simply Sucks

Can't look away
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The Most Cringeworthy Dating App Encounters This Week (April 5, 2023)

Modern dating has become a complex and often daunting experience for many people. As a recently single person, I can 100% agree. See, in today's society, people are expected to meet new individuals in a fast-paced, highly technological environment. With the rise of dating apps and social media, finding someone to date has become easier yet somehow more challenging. Instead of focusing on the fun parts of meeting new people and discovering new things, we're drowning in options, engaging in surfa…
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Funny and cringey pics, cringe pics, sad pics, pathetic photos, weeaboos, katana, m'lady | Just lost custody my kids summer is about be fuckin lit Comment Hahahajajajajajaja

Sick and Sad Cringe Pics For People Who Want To Feel Bad

Forget wholesome content and happy memes . Sometimes we all need to scroll through a selection of cringey moments that can only be described as "dumpster fire." From horrible weeb posts to questionable and offensive fashion choices, we've got an awful lot of content that falls into this incredibly cursed category. But sometimes you need to give yourself up to the cringe and just lean in. You know, so we can all feel a bit better about ourselves.
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