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Woman Splits Opinion Enacting Fishy Revenge On Ex

That's dedication, alright
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Mom Shares Amusing Anecdote About Son’s Least Favorite Song

Always speak your truth
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Pricey Starbucks Custom Order Has People Lamenting Its Absurdity

How many bananas?
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Woman’s Wild Tale About Meeting Her Spouse Leaves People Open-Mouthed

If there’s one thing that romcom culture has taught us, it’s that love moves in mysterious ways. Sometimes, the person who ends up being your soulmate is the exact opposite of who you might expect, and relationships can be formed out of the most unlikely of circumstances. This prospect has been brought to the attention of Twitter recently, when singer Ari Lennox asked people on the site how they had met their partners. She was met with thousands of responses, but one in particular stood out: @c…
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Crazy stories from delivery drivers

Delivery Drivers Share Wild Stories From Deep in the Trenches

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Woman Breaks Up With Boyfriend, Comes Home To Outrageous Petty Revenge

There are few greater gambles than falling in love . When it goes wrong the consequences can be disastrous. A broken heart is the kind of feeling that only time can heal, but unfortunately that doesn’t make the immediate fallout any less embarrassing and dramatic. For the majority of us, this probably begins and ends with a classic drunk calling habit, or mournfully spying on your ex’s social media after you’ve blocked them. Unfortunately, though, some people take things much, much further. One…
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Woman Sparks Controversy By Pushing Her Way Onto Crowded Subway Train

It’s hard to overstate the beauty of the Big Apple. Between the eye watering property prices and increasingly dramatic floods , who wouldn’t consider it to be a glamorous place to live? As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the privilege of being able to use its public transport system. The New York Subway is an essential part of getting from points A to B, but it’s not always the most pleasant experience. This is especially true in rush hour, when many can find themselves fighting for a place…
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Karen Throws a Tantrum Over 'Emotional Support Dog' in Restaurant

"I'm not leaving, I'm calling the police"
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Petty Karen In A Range Rover Freaks Out Over Gas Pump

The Karens are still at it
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20+ Times Online Marketplaces Were Delightfully Weird

Ebay could never.
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Woman Not 100% Convinced She Exists Following TikTok Filter Mishap

How hard can it be to find a face?
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Crazy facebook and twitter posts from insane people, r/insanepeoplefacebook | person standing behind a crying bald girl Turns out cutting off 15 her hair last time she touched scissors wasn't big enough lesson she cut her bangs AGAIN. So now she's BALD think this time lessons gonna sink little deeper! Never lose good woman without fight Get her pregnant if have too

16 People Who Should Really Have Their Internet Privileges Revoked

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Funny and fresh Florida Man memes and moments, crazy headlines, donald trump, barack obama | Florida Woman Repeatedly Tells Cops Her Name Is "My Butt Just Farted" | Florida Man Accused Stealing Cat Blood Clinic Florida Man Accused Stealing Cat Blood Clinic

20 Fresh 'Florida Man' Headlines Filled With Insanity

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Freaky And Funny Florida Memes & Headlines

Wild stuff
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Calm The Frick Down

Funny meme featuring Steve Irwin trying to wrangle an alligator, which represents someone's dog going crazy at the doorbell | My friend at the door Me trying to calm my dog down My dog who heard the doorbell ring
Via Dragongurl392
Shane Hoban comedy show cancelled after he uses abusive language with date | Hi! Sorry I didn't shoot you a text back yesterday - just want to be honest I'm not sure I feel a huge connection here and I don't want to waste your time tonight (and I'll likely have to hang around this networking event tonight to find potential clients). I'm gonna have to pass on meeting up for drinks. Really wishing you the best and good luck on your show on Friday! You're not even my type either you're some dumb

Rejected Comedian Gets What He Deserves After Verbally Abusing Date

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