An article about a coworker who demands his coworker not say "hey" to him in a Whatsapp message.

Clueless Guy Demands Coworker Not Say "Hey" To Him In Text Message

Texting etiquette between coworkers is a weird science that nobody has truly mastered. Professionalism is an admirable goal, but act too professional, and you can come off as stiff and unlikeable to your colleagues. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to start as professional as possible and read the room, gauging the vibe of different coworkers. However, not everyone will be satisfied with your communication style, as some people are still firmly in the 1800s regarding workplace etiquette.
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Girl With OCD Shares Videos That Show Us That We're All a Little Obsessive and Compulsive These Days

Is my oven on?
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An article about an Airbnb Host who threatened to stalk a tenant for giving a 4/5 rating on his listing.

Crazy Airbnb Host Threatens Tenant for Leaving 4/5 Star Rating

Being an Airbnb hater is a big part of who I am and what I do. I distinctly recall being on a family vacation, waiting outside in freezing weather for over an hour for the owner of the apartment to give my family the key. The owner drove a moped and I could tell that he did not feel sorry, not one bit. The best Airbnb experience I had was at a place virtually identical to a hotel, and honestly, that doesn't even count. Despite my bitterness, Airbnb's used to be novel and fun as a concept for mo…
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Crazy and unsettling animal facts

Messed Up Animal Facts That Are Both Frightening and Fascinating

It is said that an elephant never forgets. That much was kind of proven to be true after that Indian elephant trampled a woman not once - but twice - and destroyed her home. It's widely believed to be an act of elephant revenge, which occurs more than one might think. If you thought they were all Dumbo or Jungle Book, you thought wrong. This revelation is just one of many slightly disturbing (and maybe a little cool) animal facts that we've recently learned. Many of these freaky nuggets of info…
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Article about an elephant who attended the funeral of the woman he trampled to death and while at the funeral, trampled on her grave

Elephant That Trampled A Woman To Death Attended Her Funeral And Trampled Her Dead Body

Twitter has been shaken up this week by a case of accidental death in India; a woman trampled to death by an elephant had a surprise guest at her funeral. Who was that surprise guest, you might ask? Why, the elephant who killed her, of course!
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Article About Crazy Woman Who Had an Outburst At Starbucks Captured on TikTok

Possessed Karen Screams Utter Nonsense to Starbucks Employees in Viral TikTok

Customer service interactions can sometimes get out of hand, especially in coffee shops. Some people take "don't even talk to me until I've had my coffee" to the extreme, and once they start to lash out, there's nothing the employees and the innocent bystanders can do to stop them.
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Article Clarifying Details Regarding Two Dead Mom's Ashes in River Stories

Woman Allegedly Dumps Her Ex-Boyfriend's Mother's Ashes into River in Viral Tik Tok

How far would you go to get back at a cheating partner? Taking revenge on someone who has wronged you has the potential to be cathartic and worthwhile, but it can also go way too far. Childlike retaliation like egging someone's house or car is generally accepted as harmless, but when it veers into more permanent destruction of property, or worse, that's when things get controversial.
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Bizarre And Ridiculous Posts That Prove We Should Switch Off The Internet

That's enough now
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When I Found Out My Date Was Actually Married' | thumbnail text - waking them up when they asked me to, i was startled by the car horn, man

Dad Shares Hilariously Absurd Reasons He Has Had To Apologize To His Teenagers

Teens are terrifying
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A Cursed Collection Of Animals Going Full Goblin Mode

So powerful
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People Recall The Moment They Realized Their Exes Were Straight-Up Crazy

So much regret.
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Crazed & Crackpot Moments From U.S. Politics

The greatest nation on earth
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Dude Goes Ape On Subway, Nobody Knows How To React

City life
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People Can’t Stop Going “Goblin Mode” Thanks To Fiendish New Meme

Pure chaos
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15+ Demented Posts To Show A Small Victorian Child

Just why
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Dude Creates Foolproof App To Figure Out When Couples Split Up

Tech startups are taking notes
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