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Image of Cow Wearing VR Headsets Sparks Matrix Jokes & Memes

'They did the Matrix on a cow'
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Cow Causes Road Chaos, Prompts Jokes And Speculation From Twitter

They had beef
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Funny dank memes entitled, "Daeodon at the Door" cow looking through door camera | Celebrity Is having an intense mental breakdown paparazzi outside house: | an alternative universe National geographic cameramen cuddling cow waiting them have sex human couple at the beach

Creepy Daeodon At The Door Is Giving Memers Nightmares

Hello there
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Funny meme that reads, "I wonder how good it feels to moo when you're a cow it's gotta feel so good. Probably feels so good to moo" above pics of cows mooing
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Funny dank memes featuring Markiplier saying "I can milk you" to a Minecraft cow | Corporations whenever new tragedy happens can milk | Almonds exist Vegans memebase can milk

Sixteen Dank Memes Featuring Markiplier Milking A Minecraft Cow

"I can milk you."
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He's Always Watching

Funny meme that reads, "Your chances of getting killed by a cow are low, but never zero" above a photo of a cow looking in through a window
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Funny story on Facebook from North Ridgeville Police department in texas, cow fell out of truck, moodini.

Texas PD's Story About A Wayward Cow Is Content We Deserve

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therapist cow memes

These Hilariously Ominous Cow Memes Are Inexplicably Creepy

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He's Watching

Caption that reads, "Therapist: Long isn't real and it can't hurt you; Long Cow: ..." above a pic of Long Cow
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One Of Us

Caption that reads, "When you've gained their trust and they start taking you in as one of their own" above a pic of a guy standing in a pasture of cows wearing a cow hat while saying, "Moo"
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Caption that reads, "Cow" above a pic of Dave Chappelle saying, "Moo moo"
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Funny and cute animal memes.

18 Animal Memes & Pics That'll Turn Your Day Around

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Just For Me!

Funny meme about eating meat
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Headline from The Independent that reads, "Cow escapes on way to slaughterhouse, smashes metal fence, breaks human's arm, and swims to uninhabited island where she still lives"
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'Illusion Of Free Choice' Memes Will Make You Rethink Your Own Life Choices

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This Meme Will Never Not Be Funny

Cow trying to get on a bus with the caption, "Cow: is this bus going downtown? Driver: depends on whether or not you have moola; Cow: I'm fucking late to work Craig"
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