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Boss Threatens to Fire Worker for Being Sick

I don't know who needs to hear this, but Covid is not over. Sure, we may have adapted as a species, but people are still getting sick, and they're still contagious. One redditor's boss threatened their employee with termination after they called in sick with Covid, claiming that they don't have any “time off or sick time” and would be fired after seven days of absence “as per company policy.” Even if OP was sick with the common flu, this boss would still be forcing their employees to work in a…
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Miraculous Times Lucky People Dodged A Bullet

Some people have a knack for avoiding disaster
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Relatable Guy Makes a Point About Being an Introvert: Is Our Inner-Extrovert Dying Post-Pandemic ?

I can't go out, I'm sick
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wtf, lol, cringe, facebook, covidiots, covid-19, anti mask, memes, funny, lol, facepalm, stupid people, dumb people | GIVE CYCLISTS SPACE sign blocking bike lane | Matthew Whirlpool brand new refrigerator Joined Facebook 2008 Denise doesn't have any recommendations as seller ADD PEOPLE See Latest Updates Dimensions? 10:11 AM Denise Don't speak Spanish but 's still available

Facepalm-Worthy Moments of Major Stupidity

Just embarrassing
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servers, restaurant, food service, tales from your server, tipping, reddit, reddit thread, work memes, customer service, food service industry, yikes, restaurant, covid-19 | r/TalesFromYourServer u/CaptColten 27d Dear guy went on rant about government is gonna track us with contact tracing info Short paid with debit card s s post. 1 2.6k 123 1 Share

Frustrating Service Industry Tales From Disgruntled Servers

In these trying times, don't forget to tip
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Funny and relatable starter pack memes | US Stimulus Check Starter Pack CREDIT CARD $1,146.89 VISA Current balance Pay card Splurging on little treat Buying some more time Fixing death-trap car Being college student and not qualifying | HAPPY BIRTHDAY INSTAGRAM POST Starter Pack girl who posted birthday girl girl who birthday posted girl happy birthday my ride or die random inside jokes no one will understand group pic 12 years ago, everyone is tan and 30 lbs lighter than current

Starter Pack Memes That Can't Be Argued With

These memes check out.
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murdered by words, owned, witty comebacks, stupid people, smart people, roasts, funny, memes, funny tweets, twitter, facebook, covid-19, covid-19 vaccine, anti-vaxxers, karen | thankfully 's been taken off streets doing God's work mate lost an ancestor sword just like 13th century | Marc Bernardin O @marcbernardin Diabetes? McDonald's O @McDonalds 3d ok fine secret Santa guess got Show this thread

22 Epic Times People Won With Their Words

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Covid-related couple names

Sexy Pet Names for Your Covid-Positive Bae-ohazard

Six feet apart, but still close to your heart.
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Bad people, terrible people, shitty people, animal abuse, wtf | Anonymous asked Politics Government Law Ethics 1 decade ago Can make male baby sitter pay child support single mom going college with my sister currently rent an apartment together couple weeks ago asked my neighbor trustworthy guy, if he could watch kids two hours while went class and my sister wasn't home, and he agreed. If he babysits and doesn't accept pay, can sue him child support because he took on fatherly

15+ Bad People Who Deserve to Be Shamed

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Columnist Demolished By Twitter For Op-ed About Millennials

The oldest millennials are 40 and the media is still saying 'grow up!'
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Twitter Imagines A Post-Covid World Thanks To Changing CDC Guidelines

Covid might not be over, but neither are the punchlines.
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Entitled people, choosy beggars, funny, cringe, choosing beggars, reddit, people texting, facebook marketplace | got mad as hell after reading this don't want free cheesecake through DOORDASH want free cheesecake l'm there, bitch. dirty ass DoorDash worker touching my cheesecake don't need no SECRET LOS ANGELES Dessert Is "On House" At Cheesecake Factory Entire Month March | Are available now? Like next 1/2 hr -_hour? Sorry, someone just came pick up man Wowwwwww thanks alot first come first ser

15 Entitled People Who Are Out Of Touch With Reality

Choosy beggars sicken us.
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31 Dank Medical Memes For MD Students & Health Professionals

What's up doc?
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Spicy Twitter Memes Pit Pfizer & Moderna Against J&J

Pfizer & Moderna are like the cool girls who were mean to you in high school
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52 Funny Fresh Tweets From The Witty Side Of Twitter

It's Twitter time
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cringe, comments, witty comebacks, freakout, facebook, insane people facebook, fail, facepalm, conspiracy, covidiots, covid-19, anti vax, anti mask, stupid people, social media | Lower cognitive ability linked non-compliance with social distancing guidelines during coronavirus don't know lower cognitive ability means, but certainly won't wear mask ever | I've had great idea years everyone over 21 gets 1 vote every $1000 pay federal income tax get an additional vote way people who actually pay

Stupid Statements From The Idiots & Lunatics Of Social Media

These people need to stay off the internet.
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