Coronavirus memes | Meme Man Wurds close schools at thousand cases but reopen at 1.7 million: Sefety | Corona Fear Corona March Corona Fear Corona June Jim from The Office presentation

Memes In Lamentation Of Corona's Comeback

Make it stop.
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Funny memes about 2020, coronavirus | Firr @Firr absolute dystopian hell world are living COVID-19 TESTING SITE pepsi. NEAR WALMART #908 'S LIKE > | My mom: No matter sun is smiling down on us sun, 2020: Teletubbies sun with Chloe going to Disneyland face

Painful 2020 Memes Because Everything Sucks Who Cares

We're over it.
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Funny memes about Donald Trump and Melania Trump positive test result for coronavirus covid-19 | Trump Covid-19 is hoax Covid-19: Will shut up man | Friend Requests Se Confirm Delete Confirm Delete Confirm Delete Confirm Delete dancing pallbearers

Trump's Coronavirus Diagnosis Has Sparked A Crapload Of Spicy Memes

No surprises here.
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Text message conversation between a Scottish anti-masker and a tattoo shop | Here mate yer no really askin every body tae wear masks r yeh? Its aw con man Dude, really? Current guidelines say masks must be worn close contact services, which fall into. If don't want wear one s cool (actually 's not) but won't be getting tattoo here.

Scottish Dude Flips Out Over Tattoo Shop's Mask Requirement

Why do people have to act like this...
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Funny tweet about the rock and covid-19 smell what he's cooking | omegafrost @omegafrost Dwayne Johnson and his family all got Covid, they figured it out when he was making dinner and they couldn't smell what The Rock was cooking
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funny tweets, relatable tweets, twitter memes, jokes, comedy, self-deprecating, married life, marriage tweets | SMadimoiselle @drivingmemadi my boyfriend and go Taco Bell do want ask him baja blast? no. he gets down on one knee want something will baja last. will marry they ring taco bell live happily ever after mas. | Pessimus Prime @BigJDubz Picasso dn but joke got about 's messed Translate Tweet 8:05 AM 2020-08-14 Twitter Android 197 Retweets and comments 737 Likes

Excellent Tweets For Quality Procrastination

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They'll Be So Fooled

Funny meme that reads, "Me in quarantine vs. the story I'll tell my grand kids" above a photo of a guy in bed looking at his phone next to a photo of Will Smith
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funny random memes, relatable memes, post malone, anxiety memes, covid memes, n95 masks, funny tweets, twitter memes | trying fall asleep. Anxiety KNOW RULES AND SO DO Rick Astley Rickroll | burp breakfast into N-95 giving yourself mini lunch break @codebluememes Swedish chef

Amusing Meme Treats To Keep Boredom At Bay

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Funny cringey social media posts, facepalm, facepalm moments, twitter memes | woman protesting coronavirus quarantine MY BODY MY CHOICE TRUMP202 | elevator doors opened up and guy walked elevator just and him there and he said love And not rude so said love too He gave weird look and pointed at his Bluetooth.

19 Cringeworthy Moments Of Pure Facepalm

Oh, the stupidity.
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Clever and funny tweets, stupid tweets, twitter memes, twitter gems | Ron Iver @ronnui_ can't believe August 2020" Not 2019 still kissing my friends on lips they make good joke don't know minutiae legal tiger ownership Murder hornet" is call every hornet. 2:51 PM 2020-08-10 Twitter Android 821 Retweets and comments 8,580 Likes

Quality Tweets For Discerning Scrollers

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Funny tweet about standing 6 ft apart, what you dont want to change after covid | Fred O @fredonair What's the one thing you DON'T want to change post-COVID? @QuecianaWaIton Standing 6 feet away from me
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Yeah, No

Funny Twitter meme that reads, "Kids cough like this in public and the government thinks it's a good idea to open schools back up. Yeah ok" above photoshopped images of two cats coughing
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Need This

Funny meme that reads, "Shut up and take my stimulus money" above a photo of a product called "Yearquil" | SLEEP UNTIL 2021 From the Makers of YeatQuil HYBERNATED Sleep through the entire year End 2020 Fast• 2 LiquiCaps"
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Promotional video of how a school district in Florida plans to handle the pandemic once kids go back to school

Florida School District's Reopening Plan Is Surreal AF

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Funny video parodying David Attenborough narrating 'Planet Earth' using the 'Karen' stereotype

Planet Earth: The Evolution Of The Karen

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Funny memes about the movie 'The Princess Bride' | Kids: Ugh wish spring break longer Coronavirus: As wish | literally anything Is this inconceivable? is this a pigeon butterfly meme

Seventeen Inconceivable 'Princess Bride' Memes

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