Funny video about nasty film couples, star wars, the transporter, terminator, while you were sleeping, your brain on cracked, jordan breeding

4 Film Couples Who Are Way Nastier Than You Realized

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funny tweets, twitter memes, trending tweets, twitter, relationships, couples, valentines day, boyfriend, girlfriend, memes, funny memes | I am korean @hxc_clam eyelash headlights gf truck nuts bf | kiko @kikosdream Homophobic bf and "omg babe don't say that!" Gf

Amusing Twitter Meme Pokes Fun At Couple Stereotypes

Memebase gf and Cheezburger bf
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Relationship memes, boyfriend memes, national boyfriend day, spongebob memes | sniffing my mans scent as hug him Squidward | about hit "send" on nude know he's working Savage Patrick

Sassy & Sappy Memes For National Boyfriend Day

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couples trolling each other | My husband travels work. He gave this sol am never really alone woman holding towel with man's photo printed on it | asked my girlfriend pencils with my name on them Hashtag McYoloSwag

Couples Who Mastered The Ancient Art Of Trolling

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Funny tweets about being married, husbands, wives, marriage memes.

Amusing Tweets That Describe The Ups And Downs Of Marriage

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30 Wedding Memes & Tweets For Anyone Getting Ready To Tie The Knot

30 Wedding Memes & Tweets For Anyone Getting Ready To Tie The Knot

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Funny tweets about being single.

28 Tweets For Anyone Who's Been Single In A Sea Of Marrieds

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I'm Out

Caption that reads, "Imagine you marry someone and find out they sleep like No. 6" above a chart of different sleeping positions, number six being very odd
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I Mean, You're Okay Too

Caption that reads, "Welp, I found the best greeting card" above a pic of a card that says "I love you" in bold red letters, followed by "...r dog"
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15 Sappy Relationship Memes Just In Time For Valentine's Day

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Another Ryan Reynolds Kill

Ryan Reynolds tweet that reads, "Three of the most beautiful, considerate and loving people I've ever known, and then there's Blake" above a pic of Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and their two kids
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Sometimes It's The Kids Who Are The Most Wise

Sign that asks kids random questions about marriage and relationships
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marriage adorable relatable comics cute relationships couples Israel graphic design married web comics instagram single sappy - 7206405

These Adorably Sappy Comics About Married Life Will Really Trigger Anyone Who's Single

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You Know It

Caption reads, "Couples on Halloween this year SMH" above a pic of a moth and lamp couples costume
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wedding memes, wedding dress with pockets

13 Wedding Memes That'll Get You In The Mood For True Love

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snarky dating memes relationships relationship memes couples - 5958405

12 Snarky Posts From Someecards That Perfectly Depict Being In A Relationship

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