Time To Pretend To Care!

Funny dank meme that reads, "Corporations whenever a new tragedy happens" above an image of a guy saying, "I can milk you" next to a Minecraft cow
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Funny dank memes about corporations during Pride month | Chris Stedman @ChrisDStedman Brands learning there won't be any pride festivals this summer IES LATER HOMO H sapiens (modern hum | Companies trying decide market their brands June 2020 allanthuseslumberers BLACK LIVES EMA Pride SSTAY CHOMEW MATTER 10 SPREAD CERONVIRUS

Pride Memes That Make Fun Of Our Cringey Corporate Overlords

They just care so much about us...
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Funny video parodies brands' commercials during the pandemic

Commercial Mocks Brands And Their Money-Grubbing BS During Pandemic

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They're Fake As Hell

Funny tweet about how companies arent going to do anything for pride since there are no celebrations because of coronavirus | Lumberzack @ltsLumberzack corporations learning there won't be any pride festivals this year: schmox @IvoryGazeIIe 10/5/17 see you in hell you stupid fruit
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So Inspiring

Funny meme that reads, "Billionaire: I began my business in a garage! The garage: ..." above an image of Stormtroopers in a large warehouse in a Star Wars video game
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Funny tweet about how corporations' seemingly inspirational quotes about the pandemic are actually disingenuous
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They Really Do Care, You Guys!

Funny starter pack entitled, "Corporate notice about COVID-19 starter pack" | during these uncertain time we are here for you our hearts go out we stand ready we've got your back governmental orders
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Funny video making fun of Nestle

Video Making Fun Of Nestle Is The Sweet Internet Justice You Needed Today

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fellow kids gay pride funny memes pride bisexual brands corporations pride month gay queer - 8535045

Brands Capitalizing Off Of Pride Month Is Cringeworthy Meme Gold

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Happy Pride!

Funny meme about how corporations try to use gay pride to benefit themselves.
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Damn Corporate America

Tweet that reads, "Pi Day is just a fake holiday created by math companies to sell more math"
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Funny meme about plastic straws, eric andre.
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Wow, So Charitable!

Tweet that reads, "Inspiring! This CEO saw one of his employees digging through the dumpster for food, so he bought her a headlamp to make it easier to sift through the garbage"
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End Corporate Bullying

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