Coronavirus, no we don't mean when you drink one too many cervesas. Covid-19 has turned the 21st century on it's head, thrusting the world into facing an incredible challenge unlike one most of us have seen in our lifetimes. So why not laugh about it, it's healthier.

Promotional video of how a school district in Florida plans to handle the pandemic once kids go back to school

Florida School District's Reopening Plan Is Surreal AF

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How Quickly Things Change

funny tweet about advertising in march 2020 vs advertising in august 2020 | Ben Rosen @ben_rosen MARCH COMMERCIAL: during these uncertain times, we're thinking of you and your family AUGUST COMMERCIAL: look you might as well catch it at burger king
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Funny video parodying David Attenborough narrating 'Planet Earth' using the 'Karen' stereotype

Planet Earth: The Evolution Of The Karen

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Funny memes about the movie 'The Princess Bride' | Kids: Ugh wish spring break longer Coronavirus: As wish | literally anything Is this inconceivable? is this a pigeon butterfly meme

Seventeen Inconceivable 'Princess Bride' Memes

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funny meme coronavirus Sad Wolverine Seeing Jean Grey and Cyclops Kiss countries Who listened scientists end of lockdown United states
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Funny dank memes about the Spanish Flu | Health officials 1918: Don't hold any big public events, itll spread Spanish Flu Philadelphia: Oh mean like this giant 100,000 person parade just held? Health officials | Allies Autumn 1918 Germany again celebrating imminent victory Great War Spanish Flu Great Depression Jason Momoa sneaking up on Henry Cavill

Fifteen Spanish Flu Memes For People Who Like Dark, Historical Humor

A little dark humor for y'all.
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Funny video of the theme song from 'Friends' with a video made up of footage from the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 Fits In Surprisingly Well With The 'Friends' Intro

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Funny Twitter meme that reads, "The good news is my custom face mask arrived, the bad news is that they printed my face 20% too large" above a photo of a guy wearing a ridiculous-looking face mask
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Poor Karen

Funny meme about how karens think they're going to die from wearing a mask | Surgeons after wearing a mask for 12 hours straight Karens after wearing a mask for 5 minutes
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There's Still A Pandemic Going On, After All

Funny meme that reads, "Solid advice" above a photo of buffalo wings and text that reads, "Wash your hands like you just ate buffalo wings and are about to put on a wedding dress"
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Funny tweets in response to Chainsmokers concert in the hamptons new york, irresponsible, andrew cuomo, social distancing, howard zucker, department of health, rich people, selfish | @chisanashi y'all risked corona chainsmokers Icculus Brave @FirenzeMike 1d Chainsmokers had Drive concert Hamptons last night looks like social distancing strongly enforced NY gets inevitable spike just blame these rich selfish white people 2 Via IG:adamalpert | KRILLA O @itsKRILLA Attendees Real chainsmokers Chains

Chainsmokers Under Fire Following Irresponsible Hamptons 'Drive-In' Concert

Get ready for another spike in Covid-19 cases.
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Funny memes about the pandemic, people who refuse to wear masks | health experts: please wear protective suits space americans: shirtless Kid Rock on the moon | 1346 2020 will wear this badass bird mask all day and stuff full herbs so don't smell rotting corpses lining streets Tiny cloth face mask evil Swole Doge vs Cheems

Fifteen Pandemic Memes For The Americans Still In Lockdown

We're the laughing stock of the entire world right now.
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Can't Even Be That Much...

Funny dank meme that reads, "The government thinking a one time check of $1,200 is enough" above a still of Lucille Bluth saying, "How much could rent cost? Ten dollars?"
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Funny memes about nurses | South Park Nurses on their days off during pandemic memenurseofficial Syrah Merfot Sepzan Hove not having glass wine having six s called tasting and 's classy | Nurses been using same N95s 13 shifts straight. Can order more? This is really unsafe. Hospital CEOS: ED @realtalknursing @refreshmentsandnarcoticsrn HREE HUH HA man in a crown holding money

Fifteen Nurse Memes For The True Heroes

You deserve these memes, and so much more!
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Funny parody video of a compilation of middle-aged women complaining about wearing masks and being generally entitled

'Karens Gone Wild' Is The Hottest Video Of The Summer

"It's yours on DVD for only $9.99!"
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funny random memes | COMING SOON 2021 KNOW DID LAST SUMMER FUCKING NOTHING | eric curtin @dubstep4dads little over year ago received this dm. every day since, ive lived fear 12:19 IKEA USA O @IKEAUSA (KEA meatball 4/12/19, 4:41 PM

A Smorgasbord Of Memes To Keep Your Boredom At Bay

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