The Softer Side of Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay instructs fan to marry her fiancee after she shares a photo of his pork loin.
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Haha Just Kidding, I'm Great

cooking friends Memes waffles - 9029895936
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Bon Appetit!

Dog cooking waffles wearing chef hat, people ask for "woofles" instead of waffles.
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chicken FAIL cooking trolling facebook food - 1367301

Woman Decides An Act of Trolling's Best Served Semi-Cold, Tricks Internet With 'Medium-Rare' Chicken Post

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Learn How to Make the Big Kahuna Burger From Pulp Fiction

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Watch This Guy Make and Eat the Largest Pile of French Toast You've Ever Seen

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Learn How to Make Sterling Archer's Favorite Dish: The Incredibly Rich (and Expensive) Eggs Woodhouse

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You Suck at Cooking Will Teach You How to Get All the Vitamins You Need From Modified Macaroni and Cheese

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Close Enough, Right?

chicken cooking image - 8994218496
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cooking thanksgiving parody Turkey Video - 83753729

How to Make the Perfect Turkey Sandwich From You Suck at Cooking

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Get Through the Winter With This Beef Stew Recipe From You Suck at Cooking

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This Guy Makes the Complex Task of Boiling Water Look So Easy!

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Super Easy Two-Step Knuckles Sandwich.

cooking parody video games sonic image - 8987483136
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How Many References From 'The Simpsons' Can You Count in This Steamed Ham Recipe Video

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These Geico Commercials Really Capture the Essence of Those 'Tasty' Facebook Videos

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This Carmel Apple Recipe From You Suck at Cooking Will Make Your Fall Season Feel Complete

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