But They're So Hungry

Caption that reads, "When you own dogs and try to eat" above a pic of three cute dogs looking at someone with food
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Quality Control

Funny meme about testing tongs.
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This Dieting Thing Isn't So Bad!

Text conversation where someone fools their friend into thinking they're eating healthy when they're really eating frozen pizza
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A Delicious Meal

Caption reads, "Friend: How broke are you? Me:" above a pic of plain white rice in a pan next to a smartphone with a picture of meat
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Complete And Utter BS

Tweet that reads, "I'm starving and all I have is a refrigerator full of health food. I hate who I was four days ago"
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Totally Knew This All Along...Yup, Definitely...

Person posts on social media that they've been using a colander wrong all this time
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Funny Pre-K recipes from Twitter, Jordan Adams, @JordanKAdams97

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Moderation? What's That?

funny meme about cooking too much food, grandma.
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He Didn't Stand A Chance

Pic of someone playing cards with an egg with the caption, "Recipe wanted me to beat an egg. Y'all already know what's about to go down"
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It's Hard But Worth It

"Life hack: some people cry when cutting onions, the trick is not to form an emotional bond"
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Funny meme about Chopped contestants always using the ice cream maker.
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Just Following Instructions

Funny meme about cooking and instructions.
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Video from Binging With Babish making Principal Skinner's POW Fish stew, the simpsons.

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