A compilation of random memes with some edgy themes

Edgy Memes For Those With a Darker Sense of Humor

Memes can be a little bad; they aren't just for kiddies and their grannies. Memes also for intellectual bad boys who walk a little bit on the wild side. If you're a self identified edgelord , please don't scroll away. These memes might not be the edgiest known to man, but they're sure to satiate that part of your brain that wants to see something a bit…on the edge. Life is so boring without pushing the boundaries a little bit. You don't need to push it too much, don't worry. A wise man once sai…
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Man Rates Horrifying Home Cooked Meals That His Homie Sends To The Group Chat

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Funniest Memes About Leftovers for Anyone Raiding the Fridge

Get creative with it
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food, food around the world, cuisine, eating, cooking, twitter, controversy

Twitter Gets Outraged Over Terrible "Best Cuisines in the World" Ranking

Some insane choices
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A compilation of funny memes about baking by bakers

Baking Memes For Christmas Cookie Aficionados

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The Most Appetizing Cooking Memes for Anybody Who's Broken a Few Eggs

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Convenient Microwave Memes That Are Fit to Make A Meal Out Of

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Friend Group Gets Roasted for Nationality Themed Thanksgiving Potluck

There were questions
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food, cooking, husband, wife, complaint, cancer, chemotherapy, gross, tiktok, cringe

Douchebag Husband Cooks Jalapeño Poppers, Complains That Chemo Patient Wife Isn't Doing it Instead

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Reddit story about an incompetent husband insists on making Thanksgiving dinner, plan fails miserably

Incompetent Husband Insists On Making Thanksgiving Dinner, Plan Fails Miserably

The creation of a Thanksgiving meal is no small feat. The two things that make Thanksgiving dinner such an undertaking are the scale and variety of the meal. First of all, you're probably cooking for more people than you would for a meal with your spouse and 2.5 kids. Usually, extended family is involved, and their mouths must be fed. The variety of sides must provide when hosting Thanksgiving is of the utmost importance. If you don't have mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green bean…
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Woman Cooks for Neighbors, Insults Weirdos on the Internet

Being nice is bad now
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Funny memes about food

A Heaping Helping of Delicious and Deranged Food Memes

Food. Sure, we have to eat it to survive. But the acts of eating, cooking, and even simply buying food go far beyond function. Food brings people together, it's something universal that we share with one another. And while we all have our own food preferences and allergies, many of us use food to express love and affection for each other. When there's something to celebrate, we usually go out for a fancy meal or enjoy a home-cooked feast with loved ones. Food is an experience, it's culture, and…
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food, cooking, ingredients, chef, snob, twitter thread, cook

Gourmets of Twitter Debate the Ingredients That Make Someone a Bad Chef

Just add salt
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Restaurant Employees Share the Most Spectacular Fails From Fresh Hires

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A compilation of memes about cooking and food

Cooking Memes For Chefs and Aspiring Chefs Alike

Cooking is a unique beast. For some people, knowing how to cook various meals is the top indicator that you can actually take care of yourself. Sometimes cooking is not utilitarian but rather an act of love or compassion. Other people do not care whether their food is cooked in their kitchen or not and see cooking and eating as merely a mechanism for survival. We attach many meanings to food and cooking, making it a very complicated and unexpectedly personal topic. At this point in my life, I c…
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Executive Gets Dunked on for Horror at McRib Preparation

It's frozen!?
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