We're just having a friendly conversation. Though you never know when auto correct will strike next. So double check every word, and have a laugh at some people who should have made sure they said what they meant.

No, I Really Don't Want to See the Scars

conversation Pie Chart scar - 5774054400
By Alpha957

Sea You Soon!

beach conversation iphone ocean similar sounding text text message water - 5759699712
By rachel

Help Me Obi-Pun Kenobi...

conversation facebook food Hall of Fame star wars status - 5677911296
By floatingpoint


conversation demotivational hilarious posters - 5669352960
By TheCakeIsALie2

Just My Conversation

conversation dubstep girls idiots Memes the internets - 5670077696
By paranoidtrip

Socially Awkward Penguin: Plans What to Say When They Finally Catch Up

conversation socially awkward penguin - 5640296960
See all captions By cmastris

Socially Awkward Penguin: Forgets When the Bus Arrives

arrive bus conversation plan socially awkward penguin - 5253929728
See all captions By padfoot_11

Maybe you have Lupin?

conversation facebook Hall of Fame Harry Potter status status update - 5449113344
By Unknown

Does That Mean I'm Allowed to Cut You Down?

conversation facebook Hall of Fame status theme tree update - 5413816832
By Fatalyze

Tree's a Crowd

conversation facebook lolwut nomenclature status tree trees - 5352174848
By Unknown

Socially Awkward Penguin: Bring It Up Again Way Too Late, Sistah

conversation Sad socially awkward penguin - 5308129792
By Unknown

Socially Awkward Penguin: Angerbirds Are Calling to Me

angry birds animemes Awkward conversation phones socially awkward penguin talking - 5277192704
See all captions By quazzy23

Scumbag Brain: Having a Hard Time... uh, Paying Attention

brain conversation hours meme nope scumbag brain what - 5210451712
See all captions By Unknown

Missed Your Window

annoying conversation Rage Comics - 5226954240
By Mr. Remote Control


conversation facebook Hall of Fame hashtag rhyming status status update trolling update variations on a theme white - 5043069696
By Unknown

Watch Out

conversation dinner humpday pay attention women - 5024554752
By Smoky_FR (Via