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Explain Like I'm 35: What is an Almond Mom? (May 21, 2023)

Where food issues and toxic parenting meet
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Yeonmi Park Tales, Gluten-Free Weddings, and Shrimps Is Bugs

Plus, two acting greats in the poll of a lifetime.
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'It's turned into a no-win situation': Recruiter Gets Slammed for Complaining About Applicant Rejecting an Extra Surprise Interview

The entitlement stinks
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Twitter Users Debate Whether the General Population is Responsible For Children in Public Spaces

There's been a lot of discourse lately about where in public children do and don't belong. The “children don't belong on planes” take has been popular for many, many years - and we just witnessed the insanity that controversial (yet semi-universal) stance can lead to. Basically, owning that opinion too passionately can land you in jail. But the contempt for kids and/or babies on planes isn't where these feelings stop. A restaurant in New Jersey
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Scandalous Twitter Users Share Their Most Controversial Tweets

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MrBeast Sparks Fierce Debate After Gifting Car to Waitress

The algorithm king is at it again
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Woman Gets Accused of Stink Eye After Being in the Background of Someone Else's Video

Terminal Main Character Syndrome
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Zara Larsson Starts Pile On by Claiming That People Should Be Able to Talk in the Movie Theater

Bad take
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Clueless Husband Sparks Outrage With Selfish TikTok About Wife Ignoring Chores

He really thought he said something
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Weekly Internet Roundup: M&Ms Aren't Dead, Doja Cat Plays Dress Up, & Who's the Creep at the Gym?

Plus, the return of the best of Bri'ish.
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Demanding Business Owner Gets Slammed for Douchey 'Interview Hacks' to Use on Job Applicants

How not to hire
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Twitter Reacts to Allegations Against 'Rick and Morty' Co-creator Justin Roiland

I turned myself into a scumbag, Morty!
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TikTokers Spark Controversy Sneaking into Hotel for Free Breakfast

A free meal is a free meal
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Prince Harry Memoir Leak Parodies That Make the Royal Family Sound Even Crazier

They're almost believable
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Twitter Gets Outraged Over Terrible "Best Cuisines in the World" Ranking

Some insane choices
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Nurses Are Icky, Trump Enters NFT Land, and TikTok Might Get Banned (Again)

Also, it would be nice if Elon could stop making headlines for five seconds.
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