'First you robbing the artists, now you robbing us?': Twitter Reacts to Spotify's Price Increases and the Out-of-Touch Claim Made By the CEO

'First you robbing the artists, now you robbing us?': Twitter Reacts to Spotify's Price Increases and the Out-of-Touch Claim Made By the CEO

The Spotify CEO recently claimed that “the cost of creating content” is “close to zero” when discussing the streaming services price increases.
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'It’s more consuming than reading': Woman shares cozy aesthetic reading routine, is dragged and accused of overconsumption

Can reading be aesthetic?
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Wasteful woman's 3-hour shower, hundreds of unnecessary bath products spark controversy online: 'This is worse than that cupboard full of Stanley cups'

Gonna come out looking like a raisin
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20+ Posts About Rampant Consumerism That Can't Be Good for the Planet

Consoomer mindset
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Weekly Internet Roundup: The Pop-Tarts Bowl Mascot, Stanley Cup Worship and 9 Month Long Cruise Drama

Plus, Gypsy Rose Blanchard enjoys freedom.
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'What the f*** could you possibly be doing to your pans': Home Cook Baffles by Claiming to Replace Pans 4 Times a Year

That's some aggressive cooking
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Black Friday Memes for Anyone Avoiding the Shopping Madness

Once again, it is Black Friday. A day where millions of Americans either spend the day hiding in their homes eating leftovers, or go wait in line outside of Best Buy at 5am so that they can be the first to buy an Xbox for $30 off. Whether you're still in bed or waiting for the mall to open, we've got a bunch of funny Black Friday memes to keep you occupied. Remember to be nice to retail workers and shop safely!!
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Nostalgic Thread Reveals What Gen Z Kids Wouldn’t Get About The 90s

A truly confusing decade.
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People Ponder What Ridiculous Luxuries They’d Have If They Were Stupid Rich

Show me the money
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23 Black Friday Memes For Shameless Shoppers

'Tis the season to shop
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Funny wojak memes about ancient Sumer, sumerian memes, history memes, dank memes | 6,500 year old Soomer | HEIT gonna do? build ziggurat? read epic gilgamesh again?

Oomer Wojak Memes Go Historical With The 6,500 Year Old Soomer

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16 Soul-Sucking Black Friday Memes For The Consumerist In You

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christmas consumerism wall.e Video theory - 84169729

Discover the Hidden Meanings About Consumerism in 'Wall-E' Just in Time to Buy Christmas Presents

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Daddy Needs a New Pair of Shoes?

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Via conspiracyofbirds

We All Have to Consume

Via Mandatory Rollercoaster

The Cycle of Consumption That Drives This Economy

consumerism in this economy sad but true web comics - 8360941824
Via Pie Comic
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