Real Hacker Hours

Funny meme about copy pasting with keyboard instead of mouse.
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Twitter thread about internet, facebook, information

Eye-Opening Twitter Thread Will Seriously Freak You Out About Internet Privacy

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14 Frustrating Technology Memes That'll Make You Yearn For Simpler Times

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25 Random Memes That'll Make Your Brain Tingle

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Funny 'so glad i grew up doing this' memes.

'So Glad I Grew Up' Memes Poke Fun At Generational Superiority

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The Most Relatable Tweet Of 2018

Tweet that reads, "I've been hitting 'remind me tomorrow' on a computer update for the last 68 years"
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Every Time

Funny meme about computer wanting you to install updates.
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Funny meme about not being able to talk to girls.
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Funny meme about not knowing where your anxiety is from, error message on computer screen that is completely blank.
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Collection of funny memes about computers, dating, relationships, love, cats, dogs, pets, animals, pokemon, gaming.

Morning Meme Dump: 32 Memes To Get You Into The Grind

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Collection of random memes about cats, dogs, friends, life, dating, relationships.

39 Funny Memes For Your Weekend Viewing Pleasure

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Hard Times

Funny meme about the games you would play if you didn't have the internet.
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I Went There Every Day

Funny meme about Windows default wallpaper with grassy field, says only 90's kids will remember this place.
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Every Time

Funny meme about Microsoft Windows getting the last word in an argument.
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Yeah, About That...

Funny meme about lying on your resume featuring a dog on a computer.
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computer comparison slick or thick
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