A compilation of funny programming and computer science memes

The Funniest Programming Memes of the Week (September 18th, 2022)

So many people think that if you're a programmer , you must have a purely analytical brain with no room for creativity. That is patently untrue because everyone who has programmed anything knows that there's one arena in the code that allows you to stretch your creative muscles fully. I'm talking, of course, about the comments. Comments allow you to fully justify and make up for whatever monstrosity you've coded thus far. They add a little brightness to your day when you return and find a frien…
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A compilation of memes about programming and computer science

The Funniest Programming Memes of the Week (September 11, 2022)

Good day, programmers . Today is Sunday, which hopefully means you're only looking at programming memes and not doing any actual programming today. After all, it's essential to have a healthy work-life balance. But I know as well as anyone that sometimes, work has to come before life. When you have something necessary and time-consuming to do, the workday is often not long enough. It's a sad reality, and we all find different ways to deal with it. Suppose you're reading this during the workweek…
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A compilation of the funniest programming, programmer, and computer science memes of the week

The Funniest Programming Memes of the Week (September 4th, 2022)

Nobody understands the sentiment “work smarter, not harder” better than programmers. Bill Gates said it himself
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A compilation of hilarious memes about programming, computer science, and information technology.

The Funniest Programming Memes of the Week (August 28, 2022)

As a young kid interested in math and engineering, you'd never think that a misplaced semicolon, parentheses, or bracket could get you down so badly. The feeling of spending hours and hours on your beautifully crafted code can inspire pride. “Look at me," you might think. “I've created an impeccable masterpiece that could never be replicated. This is better than anything in the MOMA, the Met, or the Louvre. I was sent to earth with the Midas touch, and baby, I've been getting my hands dirty." B…
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A compilation of funny memes about programming, programmers, IT, and computer science.

The Funniest Programming Memes of the Week (August 21, 2022)

Jokes about esoteric topics like programming and computer science are best communicated through memes. Otherwise, you've got yourself with a bunch of corny knock-knock jokes that nobody under 55 will enjoy. For instance, the following jokes are what you could be getting if you got your programming humor elsewhere. "Programmer goes to his computer. He's working at home. Right now, he's coding a music player for his own system. He tests it, seeing that it works. His friend calls him and says: "Wh…
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A compilation of memes about programming, computer science, and IT

The Funniest Programming Memes of the Week (August 14, 2022)

Being a relatively new programmer is like living in two completely different worlds. Non-programmers think you are the absolute dog's meow. They act like you cured cancer, achieved world peace, and are worth 20 billion dollars. That kind of validation for choosing a well-paying career path can feel good, but it wears off soon enough when you're around senior programmers . You feel like the most useless ant at the picnic when you're with guys who've been doing it for years. In that room, you're…
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A compilation of programming and computer science memes

Programming Memes For Those Who Have Programmed a Program

Programming and memes have had a symbiotic relationship for years. Everything we see online is thanks to the work of programmers. You could not read this paragraph on your phone or computer if there were not somebody who had to code this first. It's hard to imagine the enormity of the work programmers do, especially when you're constantly inundated with different websites and images. It's shocking to remember that there's a person behind every screen you see. Symbiotic relationships go two ways…
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A Nostalgia-Tinged Thread About Obsolete Tech for Millennials Who Want to Feel Old

Seems like just yesterday I was playing snake on my indestructible Nokia 3310 and asking my parents to buy me a clear glacier GameBoy Advance. Now they're literally putting Microsoft Zunes and iMac G3s in museums. If you needed another reason to feel old, this Twitter thread full of nostalgic pictures of old tech will take you on a trip down memory lane. What was up with all the colorful transparent hardware in the 90s? And can we bring that back? Today's world of slick, elegant design could use
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An Assortment Of Memes Of Varying Dumbness

Get your meme on
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Funny tech memes, developers, coding, computers, the internet.

22 Memes For The Technologically Inclined

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So Annoying

Funny meme about PC startup, lol, dank memes, random memes, spotify, discord, steam, gaming, music streaming, computer memes, tech memes
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Disturbing and cursed images from the r/mildlyinfuriating subreddit, mildly infuriating | Need Money luxury shit man begging in front of an expensive car | stuffed Imao completely demolished these wings half eaten chicken

An Irritating Collection Of Gear-Grinding & Rage-Inducing Photos

Oh hell no
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funny tech memes, it memes | Do know why shouldn't fart an Apple store? Why? Because they don't have Windows captain america pun | open task manager and all apps suddenly stop freezing Fear will keep them line. tarik star wars

Tech Memes You Can Appreciate Even If You're Not In IT

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Funny meme about saving images, computers | computer: save this image as me: Protegent Antivirus Yes
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Funny dank memes about the cards when you win in solitaire.

'Cards When You Win In Solitaire' Is Another Dank Meme We Can't Argue With

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Every Time

Funny meme about Google chrones.
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