Funny and sweet twitter thread from scott hershovitz about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and fantasy baseball | Scott Hershovitz @shershovitz Today happy RBG memory time talked her into talking trash OT06 clerks had fantasy baseball league. Some chambers had teams. Some individual clerks did. And Justice Alito wanted team himself, not his clerks. 1/11 | last week term Ginsburg clerks were matched against Alito's team. RBG on losing end lot term. Not this time destroyed him: 10-0.

Former Clerk Shares Wholesome Story Of RBG & Fantasy Baseball 'Trash Talk'

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Funny Twitter story about a dad and daughter playing a funny wholesome game | Bridie Connell O @BridieKConnell 16h Right. So my dad and are both very competitive/stubborn have been locked battle pinch and punch, first day month years. 15 years be exact. Neither us remember started.

Woman Plays Wholesome Game With Her Dad In This Amusing Twitter Story

Pinch and a punch!
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Funny and cute video of a dog dancing in a competition with his human.

Adorable Doggo Dances Better Than Majority Of Humans

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So Real

Funny tweet about gaming.
Via dutchster

He Gon Get Shut Down

Child playing Uno with an adult
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Fluff and Expressions Don't Make You Good at Martial Arts

web comics tmnt competition Fluff and Expressions Don't Make You Good at Martial Arts
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the mother of all points

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Would You Be Saying That If You Were in First?

competition Mario Kart - 8603677184
By Unknown
competition butterfly Video - 64428545

A Disney Princess Moment Happens in Real Life When a Butterfly Lands on a Flutist's Face During a Competition

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competition Video - 62566913

Competitor of the Day: Kacy Catanzaro Becomes the First Female to Advance to the American Ninja Warrior Finals

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The Two Ways to Play Super Smash Bros.

competition video games super smash bros - 7906024960
By Unknown

What Everyone Needs to Remember

competition PlayStation 4 console wars consoles xbox one - 7634582272
By Unknown

What if Pokémon Knew Why You Chose Them?

competition Pokémon friends - 7543585280
By n3onthund3r (Via LegendaryPokemonY)

This Dude Can Dance

gif of a man dancing enthusiastically and dropping into a split in front of judges
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competition variations on a theme pun-off states Video - 48237569

Jerzy Gwiazdowski is a Stately Punmaster

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competition variations on a theme pun-off countries Video - 48146689

The 1995 World Pun-Off Championships Are Truly a Thing of Beauty

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