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Appalling Comments That Remind Us That The Internet May Have Been A Mistake

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Clueless Kids That Need to Get Off the Internet

Where are the parents
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cringey pics, guy running to campus with toast, bad bhad bhabie tattoo | Found myself rushing campus eating toast today had take selfie with toast hanging my mouth. This is just more proof living an anime Like Comment Share 15 people like this. View 1 more comment Kawaii as heck! 13 hrs Like 1 Kawaii desu sugoiiiii x0 13 hrs Like 1 CRINGINGFACE.COM | tattoo of Danielle Bregoli cash me outside girl

Cringe Pics Filled With Palpable Regret

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couples therapy, red flag, toxic relationships, relationships, ask reddit, therapy, couples counseling, marriage, family, advice, relationship advice, divorce, breakup, comments, toxic, psychology | threerottenbranches 2d 3 1 Award Contempt experience true contempt one relationship know is usually over. Look towards peaceful ending at point if possible. Reply 23.7k belovetoday 2d 1 Award Ah, contempt one Dr. John Gottman's 4 horsemen predictors divorce. Along with: Criticism, Stonewalling and

Couples Counselors Share What Toxic Relationships Really Look Like

Relationship problems that set off red flags
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A Cacophony of Cursed Comments From Deranged Netizens

My eyes
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Wannabe Internet Philosophers Who Really Think They Did Something

They're not like the other girls
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rare insults, youtube, witty comebacks, reddit, facebook, roasts, clever comebacks, memes | Chill Weeb 2 months ago bruh he look like breadstick going through goth phase 6.9K ?63 63 REPLIES | Replies 1 hour ago Kanye's brain has many tabs open 235 ?8

Roast Victims Who Were Destroyed in the Comments

Hope they'll recover from these sick burns
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Cracker Barrel receives internet backlash after announcing Impossible sausage menu addition, outrage

Cracker Barrel Triggers Meat-Lovers of Facebook With Their New Impossible Sausage

Picture this: It's August 2022. As the world continues to struggle with a pandemic, and the United States is facing a scary recession, Americans seem to have gained some much-needed perspective. Instead of jumping at the opportunity to go full Karen at the drop of the hat, people are taking deep breaths, and learning not to sweat the small stuff. “Let people live” has become the country's motto, and the internet is a happy place. Instead of raging comment sections, people share compliments, adv…
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People List the Worst Terminally Online Things They Heard Others Say

Oh boy
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Funny exaggerated comments on Tumblr posts

Exaggerated Comments From People Who Are Clearly Easily Amused

As a sufferer of clinical depression and the unrelenting cynicism that comes with it, it's difficult to make me smile or laugh. Sure, puppies are cute. Yes, memes are funny. But these things just don't do it for me. I look around at other people - normal, serotonin-having people - and envy their hearty laughs at restaurants and the smiles plastered on their faces during the hectic commute. I'm not about to ask what the hell they're drinking or smoking. Instead I silently envy the ease with whic…
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cursed, cursed comments, comments, funny comments, reddit, social media, gold replies, cringe, dark humor, edgy, memes, funny, wtf | WANNA PLAY GAME? Reese's pieces RESEALABLE ZIPPER Skittles utter MILK This is cruel Russian roulette people with peanut allergies | 1989 2020 emily84 this makes look like Yoda harvested George Lucas' youth order rejuvenate

Cursed Comments From Twisted Minds

People being dark and edgy in the comments
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People Are Taking a Kid's Lemonade Hustle Way Too Seriously

Typical Twitter
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reddit, funny comments, funny, social media, askreddit, funny threads | Time freezes 48 hours and only thing not affected do choose do? Brassknuckletime 3h Crime Reply 314 OneSchott 1h So much crime. 153 Canduffi 1h So so much crime 29 KillerChicken506 1h so so so much crime 18 MemeLocationMan 1h So So So So much crime 10 TrippyAT 1h So so so so so much crime

People Confess To What They'd Do With 48 Hours Of Frozen Time

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Cringey neckbeard messages, desperate guys, creepy guys | female wojak Asian/Eastern Western European girls Girls bad bitch, and think pretty, anon guess so such gentleman. know 50 feet pics.

Neckbeardy Memes & Moments That Reek Of Desperation

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tiktok, tiktok comments, comments, funny comments, memes, funny tweets, twitter memes, funny twitter, funny, gen z, 2020, social media, tik tok | tiktok comments out context commentsooc wwhoisabby my uncle used work Al department at apple. he now lives off grid, no phone, no credit cards. something scared him so bad he just disappeared kraabby Creator excuse | arianaeldridge my uncles wife left him my aunt's husband so now all my cousins are siblings tiktok comments out context 7/31/20 Replying

35 Times People Dropped Gold In The TikTok Comments

The comments section might be the best part of the app
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Tiktokers Convince Everyone That Having Periods Makes Them Shed Like A Lizard

Why are you guys so surprised?
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