The Dedication

Caption that reads, "A woman on the subway printed out 15 pages of Facebook posts and is just reading the comments" above a pic of a woman reading through a packet of paper on the subway
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Funny comments.

24 Hilarious Comments & Clapbacks That Deserve Props

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If You're Looking for a Harmless Way to Mess With People, This Is for You

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Sad It Had To End Like That

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Internet Comments Don't Lie

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316 Replies Later

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It's About Time.

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Batman Has Really Fallen Into the Weird YouTube Commenter

wtf batman youtube comment
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With These Video Responses by Weird Puppets, You'll Never Have to Write Your Own Comments on Social Media Again

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You Wouldn't Download a Brunch

image food comments You Wouldn't Download a Brunch
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That Way Your Feelings Will Never Be Hurt

web comics anonymous comments That Way Your Feelings Will Never Be Hurt
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John Oliver and His Magnificent Eyebrows Review Internet Comments About Last Week Tonight

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Watch Samantha Bee Guess if These 'Bracing' Internet Comments are Real or Fake

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An Investigation Into the Trend of People Dangling From Buildings

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The Best Way to Leave a Polite Comment on a Video About Global Warming

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Not Sure What to Write in the Comments? Get This Robot to Help

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