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TikToker Inspires Disgust With Grotesquely Sweet Coffee Creations

Hope she's got dental insurance.
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Funny twitter thread about gross Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts orders, coffee orders, espresso, caffeine, coffe shops, tweets, amusing tweets, lol, gross, cursed images

Baristas Share Ridiculously Cursed & Complicated Beverage Orders

Oh, the humanity!
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Workplace Mishap Leads To Entertaining Thread On The Perils Of Being A Server

Zero to one hundred real quick
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Woman Roasts Barista For Not Making Coffee To Match Her Foundation Shade

It's very specific
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Piping Hot Coffee Memes For Caffeine Deprived Java Addicts

Sweet, sweet caffeine
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Pricey Starbucks Custom Order Has People Lamenting Its Absurdity

How many bananas?
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Starbucks Barista Reveals The Most Disgusting Order They Ever Had To Make

Spare a thought for all the Starbucks baristas out there, because they have been working overtime at the moment. An explosion in popularity among Gen Z has led to a deluge of complex custom orders every day, sometimes leading to long queues barely after their stores have opened. Not only do they have to make up all sorts of bizarre concoctions nowadays, but sometimes they can be distinctly unappetizing too. When @kenmixtape received a certain order at the branch that he works at in Georgia, he …
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Man Gets Called Out On Coffee Date, Starts Debate About Tipping Etiquette

A red flag?
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Customer Causes Controversy Taking Tips From Dunkin’ Worker Who Refused A Refund

Nobody came out of it looking good
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Man Gets Roundly Dunked On For His Criticism Of Liberal Arts Degrees

The sciences versus the arts debate is a tale as old as time. We all know the drill by now: those who study STEM subjects are clever with no people skills and the students pursuing arts and humanities are deluded idiots who will never get a "real" job. You might think the argument is starting to get pretty dull, but it doesn't stop people from finding increasingly obscure reasons to point out just how dumb the other side is. The latest advance in this never ending battle has come from @chrisman…
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Dunkin Worker Starts Controversy By Revealing The Special Treatment He Gives Tipping Customers

Tipping can be an etiquette minefield. How much to pay and what service you should pay for can mean very different things to different people. Not every hospitality worker relies on their tips to make up their wage, but a little extra money never goes amiss. As it turns out, this might buy you some privileges, too. According to Dunkin Donuts employee @jasonmora2 , he treats orders of customers differently depending on whether they tip or not. In a viral video, he demonstrated how the drink of s…
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Barista Goes Viral Showcasing All Their Sad Google Reviews, Prompts Other Service Workers To Do The Same

With a lot of customer service jobs, it’s the people you’re serving who make or break the job. Unfortunately, a lot of these people also enjoy being jerks. In the internet age, the dilemma is even worse, because we have the joys of Google allowing every mildly inconvenienced customer to channel their rage at supposedly subpar service for the whole world to see and judge. When the mere whims of a Karen-esque keyboard warrior can put your entire livelihood at risk, it makes sense that you might e…
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Starbucks Employee Despairs At Deluge Of Orders

These are strange times for the world's most famous coffee chain. Beating the pandemic downturn, profits are up and business is booming — but their clientele has been turned upside down. Jostling for attention among the commuters and Karens in training are a newer, younger customer base armed with baffling custom orders and supposed secret menu items. It's a predicament that is impacting those on the front line the most, as a recent video has illustrated. A TikTok shared by Starbucks employee a…
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Funny moments, clever moments, moments of genius, smart memes, silly memes | Thano Chemistry substitute slowly writing endgame spoilers on board every time talked. half a donut placed on top of a Starbucks cup with the straw going through the hole in the middle

33 Impressive Moments Of Minor Genius

Slow clap
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I'll Take It

Funny Memes, Dank Memes, Relatable Memes | me: hi yes, I was hoping to get some energy from this coffee: Best i can do is poop Pawn Stars
Via @grapejuiceboys
Funny memes about coffee | whole world falling apart 2020 White girls quarantine lockdown waiting pumpkin spice season make things better: Jim Halpert smiling through blinds | coffee cup catches all small spills INVEST nut button

Sixteen Coffee Memes For Anyone Who Needs A Little Boost

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