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Legend Decides to Wear Suit to Autism Diagnosis, Inspires Admiration and Memes

Diagnosed with drip
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A Stylish Collection Of Really Great Outfits

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Girl Gets Dad To Model Her Clothing Line, Hilarity Ensues

It's a look.
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Outrageous High Fashion Outfits That Are Even More Eye-Watering Than Their Price Tags

Runway ready
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Sartorially Challenged Style Failures That Deserve A Visit From The Fashion Police

Considering that its main purpose is to stop other people from seeing us naked, people can get way too worked up about clothes . It’s fair enough to care about fashion, but we can’t pretend that the fabric we drape over our bodies is anything more than something to protect our soft, fragile, hairless flab from the unforgiving elements. That said, there are some items of clothing that those with any kind of stance on style can only recoil from. It’s far too easy for fashion to go too far, and th…
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Victims of the Fashion Police Share Tales of Being Roasted

Fashion is funny. The other night at karaoke I saw two women dressed like a post-9/11 nightmare. Those child-proof bandanas you can tie. Their G-string thongs peeking from their heinously low-rise jeans. Baby-sized baby pink tees with Abercrombie logos. As a millennial who was denied all of these things by a strict mother , it brought back some serious feelings. Fashion choices, such as these, can inspire a lot of emotions and reactions. Anger. Sadness. And most hilariously, disgust and mockery…
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Couple Split Opinion With Their Wildly Different Ideas On Date-Appropriate Outfits

One of the lesser talked about truths about being in a relationship is that there’s probably always going to be one person in a couple who’s always better dressed. Obviously, this doesn’t have to be a big deal; so long as both parties are comfortable with each other’s choices, there is no need to worry about the opinion of your friend who wants you to dump them. That said, this can change when things get more high stakes. For your average fancy date night, you might expect that your partner wou…
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Girls Pockets vs. Boys Pockets: Meme Culture's Favorite Cause

New meme, same gripe.
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Funny meme that reads, "When you enter an Adidas shop and you see your salary written on pair shoes" above a photo of a guy looking shocked
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Why Is This So True

Lisa Simpson presentation meme that reads, "Being fully naked feels less naked than being naked with shoes on"
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Seriously WTF

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Sexy Dave

Funny tweet about a fisherman wearing sexy fishnets | tommy bayer invention of fish net stockings fisherman 1: help! i got caught in the fish net! is it just me or is dave looking a little... hot? no dave is definitely being hot rn
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Funny spongebob meme about moving your clothes to your bed or your chair
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Funny and cute video of a guy playing along with his dryer's jingle

Guy Plays Adorable Dryer Jingle On The Guitar

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Funny meme that reads, "Sorry I can't come all my clothes look stupid on me" above a photo of Kermit the Frog looking sad out of a window
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Funny memes about pockets

Fourteen Oddly Specific Memes About Pockets

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